How to Hide Page or Post Title in WordPress

How to Hide Page or Post Title in WordPress

Do you not know how to hide the page title in WordPress? We’re here to help! Here, we will show you how to hide the page or post title in WordPress.  By the end of this article, you’ll know how to hide specific or all WordPress page or post titles.

Methods to Hide WordPress Page or Post Title

As WordPress continues to dominate the web, more and more users use the platform for purposes other than blogging. For this reason, enabling the WordPress page or post title might not always be appropriate. Fortunately, there are various ways of disabling it on one or all pages or posts.

Hiding a Single WordPress Page or Post Title

The easiest way to hide a page or post title is by leaving the title field blank. However, this option is not recommended. WordPress will generate its own permalink when there’s no title, and it’ll be hard to identify untitled pages and posts.

For that reason, we recommend using plugins like Title Remover and Hide Page and Post Title. The following tutorial shows you how to use Title Remover to hide WordPress’ page or post title.

  1. Install and activate the Title Remover plugin. If you need help, this article provides a thorough guide on how to do it properly.
  2. Access the post or page you want to modify. In the Document tab, find the Hide Title? submenu and tick the Hide the title for this item option.
    This image shows you how to hide WordPress' page title using Title Remover plugin.

If you’re using WordPress classic editor, the Hide Title? menu should be available in the right sidebar.

Hiding All WordPress Page or Post Titles

If you want to hide the title of all pages and posts, you can do so by modifying your theme’s stylesheet (style.css file). Despite so, please note that this method isn’t SEO-friendly — search engines don’t like it when you hide content from them.

The following tutorial shows you how to hide the title of all WordPress pages or posts.

  1. Open the post or page you want to modify in a browser, right-click on the title, and click Inspect.
  2. Identify the CSS class assigned to the title. In our example, the title’s CSS class is entry-title. Depending on your theme, the CSS class name may vary.
    This image shows you how to identify WordPress page title's CSS class.
  3. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance -> Theme Editor. Open the style.css file on the right column, then add the following code to the bottom of the file. Once you’re done, click Update File.
    .entry-title {
       display: none;

If you have a different CSS class name, change entry-title with the appropriate one.


While WordPress post or page title has an essential part in your site’s SEO, there are cases where you need to hide it. By using a WordPress plugin or modifying the stylesheet, you can hide post or page titles quickly and hassle-free.

Do you find this tutorial useful? Let us know in the comments section below!

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