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30-day money-back guarantee.

WordPress Starter

Perfect package for personal websites

SAVE 82%
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 20 GB Disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Weekly Automated Backups
  • Jetpack Free

RM13.99/mo when you renew

WordPress Business

Advanced solution for revenue generating businesses

SAVE 74%
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 140 GB Disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Daily Automated Backups
  • Jetpack Premium

RM130.75/mo when you renew

WordPress Premium

Optimized for small and medium businesses

SAVE 74%
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 100 GB Disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Daily Automated Backups
  • Jetpack Personal

RM65.39/mo when you renew

Ease of Use

Professional or beginner, our WordPress Hosting Plans are intuitive and conveniently simple to use.

Security & Safety

With LiteSpeed’s cache-engine, Cloudflare’s protection and SSL certificate, your WordPress site is fortified.

Themes New!

Browse through our growing collection of customizable themes and pick what suits you best.


Our wide array of plugins gives your site the boost and finishing touches it needs to rise above competition.

Why Hostinger?

Here at Hostinger, we understand that building modern websites requires a stable, secure, and optimized WordPress hosting environment

Optimised for WordPress

We actively contribute to the WordPress codebase, so you can be sure that we know all the ins and outs of this world-class CMS.

Our rich set of features will empower you to manage your website effortlessly.

We continuously fine-tune our platform to ensure 99.99% uptime. From our servers to our support team, and via our pre-installed cache plugins, we make sure that everything is tailored for the best WordPress hosting experience.


Enhanced Security

Security is no longer a matter you, us, or anyone can take lightly.

We use Imunify360 to perpetually monitor every single WordPress website for malware and other possible threats and vulnerabilities.

No unauthorized intrusion goes undetected, and no vulnerability lives long enough to be exploited. We take proactive measures to ensure that you feel safe about the security of your WordPress website.



If your WordPress hosting isn’t fast, it’s not relevant. We know that milliseconds matter.

To help you surpass your competition, we use LiteSpeed WebServer - arguably the fastest web server in the world tuned, especially for WordPress. LiteSpeed also comes with the LS Cache Plugin, which optimizes your WordPress site to work on peak performance.

Moreover, state of the art SSDs in our 8 data centers, spread across continents will ensure that your site visitors get the best loading times in the industry. Take advantage of our latest versions of PHP and HTTP/2 so that you never lose that competitive advantage!


Developer friendly

If you like to tweak your files from time to time, you are in for a treat.

Our WordPress hosting empowers developers to have a seamless website management experience.

We give you the control you want by providing you with SSH access, Git, WP-CLI, SFTP, phpMyAdmin, a staging environment, and multiple PHP versions. If you need any technical assistance, you can count on us; our experienced WordPress consultants are always at your disposal!

Developer friendly
Our WordPress Experts Just Love to Help

Simple and intuitive

The Perfect Environment For Your Success

Whatever issue you might be facing, big or small, technical or design-related, our WordPress specialists can sort it out for you!

Dedicated WordPress Team

We have a group of highly experienced and vetted WordPress specialists who know all the ins and outs of WordPress. They have been fixing errors, adding features, and optimizing WordPress for the community to use and are here to assist you.

24/7 Availability

Our experts are true enthusiasts with a no-quit attitude. They will not rest until the issue gets resolved. They work round the clock, 24/7/365! We don’t believe in support tickets and long waiting hours. On average, we respond within 60 seconds.

Hosting company that loves WordPress

Advanced features to enable the true power of WordPress

LiteSpeed Enterprise Servers

We use LiteSpeed - the fastest web server in the industry. LiteSpeed Web Server delivers a variety of advanced features, exceptional scalability and first-class WordPress site performance.

WordPress Accelerator

Every WordPress installation comes with LSCWP cache plugin which ensures that your WordPress website is working 4X faster combined with our LiteSpeed Enterprise servers.

Jetpack Plugin

Depending on the WordPress plan chosen, you’ll be equiped with the most advanced plugin developed by the founders of WordPress. It will enable you to easily design, optimize and scale your website in no time.

WordPress Support 24/7

Whether you are just confused or need help adding a new feature, our highly vetted WordPress professionals can be your saviors! They work 24/7/365, and are always eager to help!

1-Click WordPress Install

Installing WordPress on your hosting account takes just one click. In addition to the necessary WordPress installation, we make specific optimizations, to ensure maximum website performance of your website.

SSD Storage

Since we can’t compromise on speed and performance, we ALWAYS use SSDs to store your websites’ files and data. This ensures lightning-fast load times and happy customers. Both ours and yours.

What our users say about us

Based on 14,091+ reviews Hostinger is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google.

Want to read more reviews, or leave one of your own?

Check out our Google Reviews page.

Easy transfer

Hosting a WordPress Website Somewhere Else?

You can move your WordPress website from another host to your Hostinger account via our easy-to-use migration tool. Don’t feel like it? No worries, our WordPress specialists can do it for you! For free!

Transfer your site

All the WordPress Tutorials You’ll Ever Need

From getting started with WordPress, to knowing what Hotlinking is and how to prevent it, our comprehensive list of WordPress Tutorials covers it all!

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30 WordPress SEO Tips to Increase Search Engine Ranking

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30 WordPress SEO Tips to Increase Search Engine Ranking
Staging ToolComing soon

Why make changes to your live website, when you can make them in a replica environment, and then make them live with a push of a button? Our staging tool makes life easy for developers, novice or experienced.

WordPress Tutorial
Automatic UpdatesComing soon

Whenever there’re any core or security updates available for WordPress, or any of its plugins, we automatically install them for you to make sure you are up to date. You can worry about the finer things in life!

Speed up WordPress In 10 Easy Steps
Automated Daily BackupsComing soon

We always have your back(up). No, literally! Backups of all your website’s files and data are created automatically so you can be sure that all of your files are safe and sound.

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WordPress Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about WordPress

WordPress is a state-of-the-art, open-source content management system. It is, arguably, the staple website creation tool in the world right now. It’s easy to use, efficient, very well-built, and heavily customizable, with millions of plugins, themes, and tutorials available online. From job boards to blogs, and from digital portfolios to ecommerce stores; all kinds of sites can be (and are) powered by WordPress. Many renowned websites have WordPress running behind the scenes; TechCrunch, The New Yorker, and Sony Music are a few examples.

WordPress currently lies at the heart of 34% online websites; which is way more than any other tool or framework. That goes to show just how versatile, multi-purpose, and efficient WordPress is. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web developer or only a small business owner; WordPress is going to pop up in a conversation about website creation.

Whether you are thinking about creating a digital portfolio, or are looking to create a job index for your business; whether you want to start selling your products online, or want to create a blog for your company’s website; WordPress can be the answer.

There are several reasons why WP is such a hot choice; first and foremost, it’s open-source, and there is an ocean of free plugins and themes that can make your life easy. Secondly, it’s so easy to use, and even if you get stuck somewhere, there are thousands of helpful tutorials available online that can get you through!

So, if you are wondering whether you can create your dream website with WordPress, then the answer is probably ‘yes.’ But, to be sure, feel free to get in touch with us, and we will ask our WordPress experts for advice!

Just like you rent an apartment to store all the things that make up your household; you rent a WordPress hosting to store all the files and folders that make up your website. Typically, a WordPress hosting signifies a host of web servers that have been optimized and fine-tuned to run WordPress websites at peak performance.

Installing WordPress on Hostinger’s WordPress hosting takes a single click. Within a few moments of the installation, you are ready to tweak your website and add content as you please. It comes with pre- installed cache plugins and security enhancements that help you go live quicker than you’d hoped!

A managed WordPress hosting takes the responsibilities of a website/server optimization, technical adjustments, and update management, etc. off your shoulders. While the good guys at Hostinger keep track of the exhaustive list of website to-dos for you, you have ample time to focus on what matters most: adding and editing content and generating more traffic.

Moreover, a managed WordPress hosting comes with servers that have been adjusted precisely for running WordPress. In addition to a simple install, we also optimize everything and apply security measures, so that within a few moments, your website is ready to go live.

All in all, if you aren’t an expert in WordPress hosting, or don’t have too much time on your hands, a managed WordPress hosting will be ideal for you.

The primary difference between a simple web hosting and a WordPress hosting is that the latter is built for the sole purpose of powering WordPress websites. This means that servers used for a WordPress hosting are tuned such that they can run any number of WordPress websites, at maximum speed and performance. Doing the same with a simple web hosting will require a lot of machine-level adjustments, plugin installations, and memory tweaks.

In addition to speed and performance, a Hostinger WordPress hosting also comes with pre-configured security measures. You don’t have to set up firewall rules or run malware tests like you’d have to on a simple web hosting. You worry about creating high-quality content and marketing your website.

Also, with a Hostinger WordPress hosting, you get dedicated, 24/7/365 support from highly trained WordPress professionals. They know everything about your hosting account and can provide an instant solution to seemingly complicated WordPress problems. Conversely, with a simple web hosting, you might still get help, but the personnel won’t have the same level of hands-on WordPress experience!

The best part about making a WordPress website is that anyone can do it! Here’s how:

  1. Use Hostinger’s domain checker to choose a domain name for your website.
  2. Get a managed WordPress hosting plan from Hostinger, and register your domain name free of charge!
  3. Use the 1-click installer on your Hostinger WordPress hosting account to install WordPress for your website.
  4. Go through the Hostinger WordPress tutorial knowledgebase to know all there is about WordPress.
  5. Install a WordPress theme on your account.
  6. See if you can find some must-have WordPress plugins, and install them on your account.
  7. Start creating and publishing content on your website, which would now be live!