Cloud Hosting

We at Hostinger are always striving to reach the next technological peak. This led us towards making the next generation custom-built cloud hosting network, which exceeded even our own expectations! It was surprising to see that even small amount of resource investment could skyrocket whole server's performance. This honestly is our most efficient build ever created!

Cloud Infastructure

Our Cloud Servers were first created using one of the simpler forms of Cloud structure. Later we significantly improved our Cloud Servers to the point where they reached the highest performance we've ever seen. This infrastructure has it all, - performance, speed, efficiency, and reliability built in one, inexpensive server structure.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Having such a great success with Cloud infrastructure, we will soon start implementing the same idea into our profound VPS services. The flexible technology will allow you to easily bypass one of the most well-known VPS management problems, such as high resource usage, individual website separation, and their control. Cloud VPS hosting is the future of Hostinger.

Choose Your Business Hosting Plan

Business Startup

53% off
RM 55

For multiple larger-scale and growing websites.

  • + Dedicated IP Address
  • + 40 GB Disk Space
  • + 2000 GB Bandwidth
  • + 3 GB RAM
  • + 2 CPU Cores
  • + Speed Boost
  • + Cache Manager
  • + Isolated Resources
  • + Uptime Monitoring
  • + 1-Click Installer
  • + Daily Backups
  • + Powerful Control Panel
  • + 24/7 Live Support
  • + Free SSL Certificate
Top Bestseller!

Business Professional

53% off
RM 111

For high-traffic and eCommerce websites.

  • + Dedicated IP Address
  • + 80 GB Disk Space
  • + 4000 GB Bandwidth
  • + 6 GB RAM
  • + 4 CPU Cores
  • + 2X Speed Boost
  • + Cache Manager
  • + Isolated Resources
  • + Uptime Monitoring
  • + 1-Click Installer
  • + Daily Backups
  • + Powerful Control Panel
  • + 24/7 Live Support
  • + Free SSL Certificate

Business Enterprise

53% off
RM 251

Perfect for resource-heavy websites and projects.

  • + Dedicated IP Address
  • + 160 GB Disk Space
  • + 8000 GB Bandwidth
  • + 12 GB RAM
  • + 6 CPU Cores
  • + 3X Speed Boost
  • + Cache Manager
  • + Isolated Resources
  • + Uptime Monitoring
  • + 1-Click Installer
  • + Daily Backups
  • + Powerful Control Panel
  • + 24/7 Live Support
  • + Free SSL Certificate

Did you know? All annual plans include a free domain name!

Friendly 24/7 customer serviceFriendly 24/7 customer service

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Experience complete freedom with Hostinger Cloud VPS

More than 30x times faster than typical shared web hosting solutions and no downtime are the main aspects of our cloud VPS service. Truly best VPS in Malaysia.

Time-proven VPS control

Custom built VPS control panel will give you absolute comfort. Everything you'd ever need will be 1 click away! You will be able to reboot, change OS template, shut down, change your root access passwords and track your VPS performance in one, convenient panel. VPS Malaysia control panel is perfect for any user for its instant access and fast action responses. The sleek design and side explanations will give you a clear idea as to what OS template you should be using and what option would be best for your VPS.

VIP customer service

How about a customer service so dedicated it could answer any question at any time 24/7/365? Our award-winning customer service can go even further and become your personal advisors when it comes to your VPS server's management. We work with the idea that there is no question we couldn't answer or an issue we couldn't solve. This is why you can fully count on our VPS Malaysia customer success team. They will be your friends and technical advisors throughout your struggle of becoming the next internet sensation!

Sophisticated Backups System

Making your data secure is our top priority! This is why we have implemented a reliable backup snapshot system which is also superbly easy to use! You can create backups & restore them with just a few clicks from your control panel. Our VPS Malaysia services have extraordinary reliability in keeping your backups secure and letting you access them immediately when the need arises. Thanks to our cloud infrastructure and full RAID protection we can offer you the ultimate system protection against all potential threats.

Latest VPS OS templates

Want to build your server using a reliable CentOS system? We have over ten versions to choose from! Have you changed your mind and now want a Minecraft server? No problem, we have prepared templates for that too! All of these options are available with VPS Malaysia services at any point. Building a VPN, super fast WordPress or your own gaming server has never been so easy using one of the custom-built free templates.

Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 IPs

Have you ever wanted to have your own unique IPv4 or new-gen IPv6 IP address? Well, you can get both for free with either one of our VPS Malaysia plans! Using custom IP address will substantially increase your security against DDoS & spam as you will no longer share the main server identification link with anyone else. You will be free to map your server with IPv4 and experiment with various server management techniques!

New generation hardware

In order to give great performance for each virtual private server, we have invested a great deal into making Hostinger VPS the best hardware-based web host in Malaysia. We've equipped our dedicated servers with the newest Intel processors, fastest SSD drives on the market and more than 128GB of RAM for each server. These specifications will make sure to dominate Malaysia Internet with incredible access and computing speeds.

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We tend to invest more resources into server improvements, thus making all of our clients' experience much better. Our web hosting packages are worth every cent!


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