55+ Most Popular Blog Examples You Need to Check Out for Inspiration

55+ Most Popular Blog Examples You Need to Check Out for Inspiration

A blog is a website or page that is a part of a larger website. Typically, it features articles written in a conversational style with accompanying pictures or videos.

Blogging has gained immense popularity due to its enjoyable and adaptable nature, allowing for self-expression and social connections. In addition, it serves as a platform for enhancing writing skills and promoting businesses.

Furthermore, a professional blogger can even make money from blogging in various ways, such as Google ads and Amazon affiliate links. Successful blogs can cover any topic. No matter what subject you can think of, there’s likely already a profitable blog dedicated to it.

If there is none, this is where you come in. New bloggers who can find a unique niche to create content about have a higher chance of surviving in the competitive blogging world. Preferably, you should be passionate about or an expert in your blog niche. However, don’t worry if you are having a difficult time pinning down a topic – this article will help you.

In this article, we will explore 11 types of blogs in different niche industries, including tech, lifestyle, beauty and fashion, health and fitness, education, business and marketing, finance and investment, food, travel, photography, and art and design.

We will include five of the best blog examples for each type, discuss each blog example briefly, and highlight what we can learn from the blog. We will also include the info on how it is build, for example, whether a CMS like WordPress was used or a blogging platform.

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Best Tech Blogs

If you are a tech junkie, you may want to start a blog focusing on technology.

A tech blog usually features the latest news on technology and its applications in various fields such as science, entertainment, and business. Some technology blogs also feature reviews of newly released gadgets.

Here are some of the most popular blogs on technology:

1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch's website homepage.
  • Main topics: technology and startup news
  • Created on: WordPress VIP

TechCrunch is a blog that provides technology and startup news, from the latest developments in Silicon Valley to venture capital funding.

The blog’s target audience is technology and business enthusiasts, especially startup founders and investors worldwide.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The TechCrunch website’s clean layout prioritizes text readability with its simple white background and black text.

Headlines of the most recent articles are shown neatly on the homepage and accompanied by snippets from the blog posts and relevant pictures to add a splash of color.

The TechCrunch website also provides a helpful sidebar on the left side of the screen for easy navigation.

2. The Verge

The Verge's website homepage.
  • Main topics: technology, science, entertainment
  • Created on: Chorus

The Verge is a blog focused on examining how technology will change the future.

This blog provides news and opinion pieces on the latest technological developments in art, culture, and science for the mainstream audience.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The Verge’s website homepage is vibrant – a black and white theme with bright accents of orange and magenta.

There is a collage of large headlines and pictures to attract site visitors’ attention below the blog’s title and the navigation bar.

In addition, some additional blog content is displayed on the right side of the homepage for easy access, such as featured videos and reviews.

3. Engadget

Engadget's website homepage.
  • Main topics: technology, gadgets, consumer electronics
  • Created on: proprietary AOL CMS

Launched by Peter Rojas, Engadget is a technology blog providing reviews of gadgets and consumer electronics as well as the latest news in the tech world.

It also showcases the best tech deals, helping people make the best gadget purchases according to their needs.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The blog’s simple black-and-white theme gives it a sleek look fitting for a technology blog.

Upon accessing the website, visitors’ eyes are immediately drawn to the collage of photos and headlines of their most recent and popular articles.

Further down the page, more article headlines are sorted by the most recent to the oldest and accompanied by a picture and sentence summarizing the article’s content. This lets visitors know that the blog is regularly updated with a variety of content.

4. Gizmodo

Gizmodo's website homepage.
  • Main topics: technology, science, environment, entertainment
  • Created on: Kinja

Gizmodo is another technology blog created by Peter Rojas. The blog publishes news and opinion pieces on technology, gadgets, science, entertainment, culture, and the environment.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Gizmodo’s homepage is very busy yet still organized.

It provides as much content as possible in neatly separated sections with different headings, such as Reviews & Gadgets, Science, and Field Guide. Each blog section consists of a collage of various headlines and pictures.

The blog also does a great job of emphasizing text readability by using a simple color scheme consisting of black, white, and blue.

At the top of the page, there are links to other websites of the same company, promoting the websites and providing easy access to visit them.

5. 9to5Mac

The 9to5Mac website homepage.
  • Main topics: Apple products
  • Created on: WordPress

Part of the Apple user community, 9to5Mac is a blog covering news and reviews of Apple products.

The website was originally created as a hobby blog covering news on Macs. Since then, 9to5Mac has become a blog covering all Apple products and is now part of the 9to5 blog network, which includes other sites such as 9to5Google and 9to5Toys.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The blog’s homepage features a colorful and eye-catching collage of pictures and headlines right below the navigation bar. When a cursor hovers over images, they slightly enlarge, enticing people to click.

In addition, the blog also uses the infinite scrolling feature so readers can explore more pages of the website simply by continuing to scroll down.

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Best Lifestyle Blogs

If tech is not your cup of tea, don’t worry – there are still many blog ideas to explore.

Maybe you want to run a lifestyle blog whose written content can be broad and diverse.

Write about fashion, food, relationships, personal development, life hacks, and travel – all on one blog. Many parenting blogs also fall into this category and share content focused family life.

Many blogs focused on lifestyle are also personal blogs. Through your own blog, you can convince people to adopt a particular lifestyle.

Here are some of the best ones we found to give you a better idea of what lifestyle blogs are all about.

6. A Cup of Jo

The A Cup of Jo blog homepage.
  • Main topics: fashion, food, travel, relationships, family life
  • Created on: WordPress

Joanna Goddard, an experienced editor, started writing about her daily life as a hobby. Later, blogging turned out to be her full-time job.

The blog is now run by a team of writers who provide a wide array of content – from food recipes to parenting tips.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The website sports a warm-toned theme, with plenty of space between the site elements.

In addition to the blog’s clever title that is a play on the phrase “a cup of joe”, the title’s design is also unique. The letter O of the word “of” in “A Cup of Jo” is hollowed out to reveal a picture that changes depending on which page of the blog you’re on.

The homepage also features a list of the most popular blog posts of the month – an excellent way to promote the blog to new readers by providing them easy access to the blog’s best content of the month.

7. Minimalism Life

The Minimalism Life blog homepage.
  • Main topics: minimalist lifestyle
  • Created on: Kirby

Created as a collaborative project, Minimalism Life is a lifestyle blog on minimalism – a life stripped down only to the bare essentials.

It is a community-driven blog inviting everyone to share their experiences on simple living by writing a blog post for the website.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Even if you don’t subscribe to the Minimalism Life, you can follow this site’s clutter-free and straightforward approach to design your blog.

The site uses a grayscale color scheme, with black or grey text on a white background – no colorful or overwhelming pictures or site elements.

True to minimalism, the site provides only the essential elements. The entire homepage acts as a navigation menu, providing links leading to other pages of the blog. The sidebar menu is on the left side of the screen, while links to social media profiles are on the right.

8. Girlboss

The Blog page of the Girlboss website.
  • Main topics: women, business, personal development
  • Created on: Prismic

Created by businesswoman Sophia Amoruso, Girlboss is a community-driven website that aims to help women redefine their success. Its primary target audience is ambitious women who want to advice rapidly in their careers, build networks, and self-improve.

The Girlboss lifestyle blog provides various blog topics such as beauty, wellness, work, and finance.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The Girlboss team makes sure the pictures accompanying their articles follow the same color scheme.

All the pictures feature subjects set in front of a colorful background mix of soft, pastel colors. This way, all the photos come together as a visually-attractive and cohesive unit.

9. Men’s Journal

The Men's Journal website homepage.
  • Main topics: men, health, style, adventure, gear
  • Created on: WordPress VIP

The Men’s Journal website is the online version of the American magazine of the same name.

The lifestyle blog targeted towards men features various topics such as health and fitness, male grooming and style, outdoor recreation and travel, as well as cars and consumer electronics.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The website has a very organized navigation bar. For example, if a site visitor hovers over Gear on the navigation bar, various categories – such as Autos, Tech, and Fitness – will appear, complete with corresponding pictures.

Visitors can even click on the arrow on either side of the categories to check out more categories.

Use this feature to find the desired content quickly and easily.

10. Treehugger

The Treehugger website homepage.
  • Main topics: environmental sustainability
  • Created on: Dotdash’s proprietary CMS

Defining itself as a modern sustainability website, Treehugger is a blog created by eco-advocate and entrepreneur Graham Hill.

It provides environmental news and articles exploring the intersections between the environment and gardening, home life, science, design, policy, and animals.

The blog aims to promote an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle by providing reliable and accurate information.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The top of the homepage showcases headlines of the latest articles. Scroll down, and you will see various blog post headlines organized neatly under all of the available categories, such as Environment, Home & Garden, and Business & Policy.

The entire page is designed for easy access to check the latest news and seek content of specific categories.

Best Beauty and Fashion Blogs

Running a beauty and fashion blog means expressing your sense of style and creativity to people, especially fellow fashionistas and makeup enthusiasts.

You can even create a clothing or jewelry line and link your online boutique business to your fashion blog. If you build a loyal readership, customers may just come flocking to the boutique.

To help you conceptualize your own blog, take a look at some of these popular blogs on beauty and fashion.

11. He Spoke Style

The He Spoke Style website homepage.
  • Main topics: men’s fashion
  • Created on: WordPress

Created by Brian Sacawa and now run by a team of editors, He Spoke Style is a website focusing on men’s fashion and providing a mix of inspiration and information on menswear.

In addition to publishing various articles on men’s style guides and fashion trends, the blog also covers other topics related to men’s lifestyle, such as liquor and cigars.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The blog title’s serif font gives off a classy and premium feel, appropriate for a website on style inspiration.

Upon accessing the website, visitors see a large picture taking up almost the entire screen, accompanying an article announcing the blog’s collaboration with a suit brand.

This is a good way to increase the number of people clicking on the featured blog post – the article you want people to read the most.

12. The Zoe Report

The Zoe Report blog homepage.
  • Main topics: women’s fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle
  • Created on: WordPress

Created by an American fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe, The Zoe Report’s articles cover fashion trends, style guides, makeup, home decor, and even celebrity fashion and lifestyle.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The pictures and headlines featured on the homepage are of different sizes and positioned in a deliberately messy way to give off an artistic feeling, like a collage one would make in a fashion scrapbook.

The unique design choice also extends to the navigation menu. Click on the Menu button, and the navigation menu will appear from the top and take up the entire page.

In addition, this blog also uses infinite scrolling to increase site visitors’ dwell time.

13. Sincerely Jules

The Sincerely Jules website homepage.
  • Main topics: women’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle
  • Created on: WordPress

Founded as a creative outlet by beauty and fashion blogger Julie Sariñana, Sincerely Jules is a blog that provides outfit ideas, beauty tips, and reviews of her favorite products.

The blog provides diverse fashion content, including articles on fashion ideas for various occasions, such as going on vacation, to the beach, jogging, or staying home.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The first thing visitors see when visiting the blog is a high-quality, full-screen picture accompanying the title of its latest article. It gives the blog a spotless and pleasing look.

In addition to the site’s clean layout, the blog includes helpful sliders to go with the outfit ideas.

The sliders feature the blogger’s outfit in the pictures. Clicking on a piece of clothing will lead to an online shop where you can purchase the item in question.

14. Color Me Courtney

The Color Me Courtney website homepage.
  • Main topics: women’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel
  • Created on: WordPress

Aiming to empower others to be confident and dress outside the lines, Color Me Courtney is a fashion and lifestyle blog belonging to Courtney Quinn, a fashionista obsessed with color.

Examples of blog posts include beauty product recommendations, travel and vacation trip reviews, and personal blog posts.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

One look at the blog’s colorful theme will immediately give the sense of this fashion blogger’s personality – fun, cheerful, quirky, and vibrant.

The website features a large slider just below the blog’s title and navigation bar, featuring colorful pictures linked to the corresponding articles via Keep Reading buttons.

Using the arrows, people can look through the series of images featured on the slider.

15. Fashion Jackson

The Fashion Jackson website homepage.
  • Main topics: women’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel
  • Created on: WordPress

Through Fashion Jackson, a fashion blogger Amy Jacksonblogger advocates for a minimalist approach to fashion through reimagined classics.

Blog readers enjoy daily outfit ideas, makeup hauls, fashion product reviews, and suggestions of what to pack when traveling to various destinations.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

A unique feature on this blog is the Dailies slider featuring daily snapshots from the blogger’s life – from the outfit of the day to home decor.

When visitors click a picture, they will be led to a short blog post consisting of only a brief paragraph promoting the items featured in the photo and a slider with the product images linked to corresponding shop pages.

Daily providing short and simple content is a great way to keep your blog active and your readers engaged.

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Best Health and Fitness Blogs

If you are an avid fitness enthusiast leading a healthy life, you may feel the urge to inspire others to live healthier.

Through a health and fitness blog, teach other people about a healthy lifestyle and provide various helpful tips and tricks to maintain a healthy diet or a regular exercise schedule.

To understand a little bit more about what running a health and fitness blog entails, have a look at some examples of health and fitness blogs below.

16. The Fitnessista

The Fitnessista website homepage.
  • Main topics: women’s health, fitness, motherhood
  • Created on: WordPress

The Fitnessista is a women’s fitness blog helping women lead a healthy lifestyle through balanced diets and rigorous workouts. It regularly publishes healthy food recipes and has an impressive catalog of fitness blog posts. The blog also has some posts on motherhood and pregnancy.

The person behind the blog is Gina Harney, a certified personal trainer, weight loss specialist, group fitness instructor, and mother of two.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The blog has numerous fitness blog posts divided into helpful workout categories such as Abs, Lower Body, and Total Body.

This is an excellent feature for a fitness blog, as people can choose the different types of muscles they want to develop through their workout routine.

17. Muscle and Fitness

The Muscle and Fitness Website homepage.
  • Main topics: workout, fitness, nutrition, athletes, and celebrities
  • Created on: WordPress

Muscle and Fitness blog provides diverse content centered around fitness and healthy living, from workout routines and nutritional eating guides to exercise tips from various athletes and celebrities.

What We Can Learn from This Blog

Visitors can use a comprehensive filter to find the right kind of exercise video from over 1,000 exercises on the homepage.

The filter features four drop-down menus from which users can select their Skill Level, Exercise Type, Body Part, and Equipment. This makes it easy to create workout routines that fit your needs.

18. Fit Bottomed Girls

The Fit Bottomed Girls website homepage.
  • Main topics: women’s fitness, wellness, motherhood, nutrition
  • Created on: WordPress

With posts on positive affirmations and workout routines, Fit Bottomed Girls is a blog helping women maintain their health both mentally and physically.

Run by two certified fitness professionals, the blog also advocates body positivity, driven by the belief that healthy bodies come in various shapes and sizes.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The blog’s content is divided into four main categories: Fitness, Mamas, Eats, and Zen. Each category has a specific color label: magenta for Fitness, purple for Mamas, green for Eats, and blue for Zen.

This neat color-coded system is a great example of how to improve user experience. It provides a quick and easy way to find a specific category of content just by looking for a particular color.

19. MyFitnessPal Blog

The Blog page of the MyFitnessPal website.
  • Main topics: nutrition, weight loss, fitness
  • Created on: WordPress

The creators of the MyFitnessPal app that tracks one’s nutrition and fitness goals also run the MyFitnessPal blog.

The website content includes healthy food recipes, weight loss tips, and workout guides. In addition, the blog features inspirational success stories of people who have managed to become healthier after losing weight or overcoming a nutrition-related illness.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Upon accessing the website, visitors will immediately see the banner inviting them to sign up for the MyFitnessPal newsletter. This is an excellent method to help build your readers’ mailing list.

The blog’s homepage also uses a slider featuring their trending articles, displayed in article headlines and their accompanying pictures.

20. Ben Greenfield Fitness

The Ben Greenfield Fitness website homepage.
  • Main topics: nutrition, fitness, wellness
  • Created on: WordPress

Ben Greenfield Fitness is a blog created by fitness guru, bestselling author, and human performance consultant Ben Greenfield.

The blog provides many articles on the low carb and ketogenic diet, supplement regimens, spiritual books, and anti-aging protocols.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

A large, end-to-end picture of the blog owner in the kitchen greets visitors when they access the website. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this image reveals the person behind the blog.

In the middle of the banner, there is a button leading to Greenfield’s newest cookbook website – a good way to attract potential customers.

In addition, the blogger has also provided a scroll-back-to-top button on his website. It is a beneficial feature for blogs displaying lots of content on one page or using infinite scrolling.

Best Education Blogs

There are generally two types of education blogs.

An education blog can refer to an educational website or an eLearning site.

However, it can also refer to a blog whose content is focused on education, featuring topics such as education issues, teaching and studying tips.

Whether you create an eLearning site or a blog on education, we have provided examples of both types in the following list:

21. HowStuffWorks

The HowStuffWorks website homepage.
  • Main topics: almost all educational topics
  • Created on: proprietary CMS

HowStuffWorks is an educational blog covering just about every topic under the sun in a fun and easy-to-digest way. It is part of the Stuff family of websites along with other sites such as Stuff You Should Know and Stuff to Blow Your Mind.

Just as its name suggests, the blog covers how almost everything in the world works, interspersed with various fun and interesting facts. Examples of the articles include “The Coldest Place on Earth”, “Biophilic Design”, and “How to Make Elephant Toothpaste”.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Access the HowStuffWorks website around the Fourth of July, and you will see plenty of articles discussing the holiday and its celebrations on the blog’s homepage.

There are also two sliders on the homepage, one featuring Editor’s Picks articles, and the other titled A Fantastic Fourth, featuring articles on the history of America.

Tailoring featured articles according to a specific theme to celebrate special occasions is a great idea that could increase visitors’ dwell time and engagement with your content. It also shows that your blog is active and frequently updated.

22. TED-Ed Blog

The Blog of the TED-Ed website.
  • Main topics: almost all topics
  • Created on: WordPress

Similar to HowStuffWorks, the TED-Ed blog also provides educational articles on almost all topics one can think of, from the origins of cheap chocolate to the types of rest every person needs.

Most of the articles on the blog are adapted from speeches given at various TEDx Talk conferences, where speakers have to deliver their ideas in under 18 minutes.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Illustrations for most articles instead of photos make the TED-Ed blog’s design unique. In addition to adding vibrancy to the site, these colorful illustrations also give the blog a more fun and approachable feel.

23. The Confident Teacher

The Confident Teacher website homepage.
  • Main topics: teaching, studying, teaching English
  • Created on: WordPress

Created by a teacher and author Alex Quigley, The Confident Teacher is a blog on education directed towards all teachers, especially English teachers.

It covers teaching tips, study strategies, and methods of teaching English vocabulary and reading comprehension.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Quigley displays a slider on the homepage that features some of his articles’ titles and corresponding photos.

Although visitors can check out all images on the slider by clicking the arrows, the blog post featured on the slider also changes automatically every few seconds, taking the visitors through all the articles the slider has to offer even without being clicked.

24. I Heart EDU

The I Heart EDU website homepage.
  • Main topics: math and educational technological teaching resources
  • Created on: WordPress

Launched by Meagan Kelly, educator, and technology nerd, I Heart EDU is a blog targeted towards teachers. Kelly loves using various applications and programs to create learning activities for her students.

Through her blog, she aims to inform teachers about various technological teaching resources that aid the teaching and learning process in the classroom, such as the BoostEDU program and the Breakout EDU learning games platform.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Kelly provides a helpful search box on her homepage so the blog visitors can look up specific posts with ease.

In addition, she has also embedded her Twitter account into the site’s homepage, providing a way to connect with her through social media.

25. The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education website homepage.
  • Main topics: college and university news
  • Created on: Brightspot

Of a slightly different nature than other education blogs featured in this list, The Chronicle of Higher Education is a higher education journalism blog.

It provides the latest news centered on American colleges and universities. In addition to higher education news, the blog also publishes opinion pieces on the same subject, such as university scandals and academic freedom.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Although there are many texts and pictures making up the website’s homepage, they are all organized in a neat grid pattern to not overwhelm the readers.

The latest articles are showcased at the top. Below them, other blog posts are organized neatly according to sections with different headings, such as Virtual Events, Data, and Advice.

Suggested Reading

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Best Business and Marketing Blogs

Maybe you are a successful business owner who understands exactly what starting an online business requires. Armed with your experience, you can help other people become successful entrepreneurs with their online businesses.

If this is the case, try starting a business and marketing blog. Guide people through the entire process of sifting through business ideas, setting up their own online stores, and learning about search engine optimization. Write about content creation or social media marketing.

To help you understand what is required of a business and marketing blogger, here are some great examples of popular blogs focused on business and marketing.

26. Business 2 Community

The Business 2 Community website homepage.
  • Main topics: business, marketing, finance, digital marketing
  • Created on: WordPress

Business 2 Community is a blog aiming to educate and connect business professionals. It uses the combination of news, trends, and expert opinion to provide a balanced view of the business landscape.

The site offers a broad range of topics, such as search engine optimization, building a resume, and social media marketing tools. In addition, the blog features interviews with various business experts.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The homepage features various elements that provide readers with easy access to the website’s best and most recent content. For example, a banner appears when one clicks on a category on the navigation bar, showing six of the latest articles on the topic in question.

Through the same banner, readers can access all articles under a specific category or select a subcategory from the provided drop-down menu.

In addition to the list of the latest articles, the homepage also features lists of the most shared contributors along with their latest articles, trending research papers, and the most popular topics on the blog.

27. MarTech

The MarTech website homepage.
  • Main topics: marketing, marketing technology, digital marketing
  • Created on: WordPress

With a mission to unearth and solve the challenges faced by marketers, MarTech is an online publication focusing on the world of marketing and its technology. A content team consisting of professionals with industry experience runs this website.

The blog’s content falls under six main topics related to marketing – transformation, data, operations, experience, performance, and management. In addition to articles, MarTech provides marketing newsletters, white papers, webinars, intelligence reports, and events.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The blog has a great example of an About page, showing helpful information such as the site’s description, the organization’s mission, the main article topics, and the various types of content or events people can enjoy.

In addition to promoting articles, the site’s homepage also showcases other content or events created by the organization, such as its webinars, white papers, events, and intelligence reports. The homepage also includes a little bit of everything the site provides.

28. The Balance Small Business

The Balance Small Business website homepage.
  • Main topics: business, finance, marketing, management, entrepreneurship
  • Created on: Salesforce

Run by over 50 expert writers, The Balance Small Business is a blog that helps people start and run their own businesses. The site is a part of The Balance family of sites along with The Balance and The Balance Careers.

The blog covers content related to setting up and maintaining small businesses, from making money from home to building credit for your business.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The site provides a helpful step-by-step guide on the order in which the content should be read.

For example, clicking on the category Home Business will lead you to a page filled with all articles on home business.

Furthermore, on the left side of the page, there is a list of helpful subcategories arranged to align with the steps one goes through when starting a home business, starting from the subcategory Before You Begin and ending with the subcategory Work Life Balance.

This way, beginners accessing the blog don’t feel overwhelmed with the abundance of information and feel more confident about starting their learning journey.

29. Copyblogger

The Blog page of the Copyblogger website.
  • Main topics: content marketing
  • Created on: WordPress

The Copyblogger blog is a part of the Copyblogger company’s website focused on providing learning resources and services related to content marketing.

The blog is full of articles on various topics integral to successful content marketing, such as copywriting, blogging, entrepreneurship, grammar, writing, and editing.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

There are helpful tags under each article title displayed on the blog to immediately discern which categories the content of a certain blog post falls under.

For example, under the blog post title “Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking?” there are two tags – Content Marketing and Creativity.

The blog also provides pagination links at the bottom of the page to help users access older content, showing the first three page numbers and the last page number.

30. Ahrefs

The Blog page of the Ahrefs website.

Like the Copyblogger blog, the Ahrefs blog is also a part of the Ahrefs website that sells monthly SEO toolset plans.

The blog has numerous articles on content marketing and optimizing websites for search engines, with categories such as Keyword Research, Link Building, SEO Basics, and SEO Tools.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The editorial team behind the Ahrefs blog has created a section called Best of Ahrefs blog.

Within the blog section, there are several content categories with links to articles. This is an excellent way to showcase the blog’s best content, as the blog posts were handpicked by the team.

In addition, there are star symbols next to some blog post titles to signify that they are particularly recommended.

31. Antavo

Anvato homepage
  • Main topics: loyalty program strategies, loyalty program technology
  • Created on: WordPress

Antavo provides weekly leadership content aimed at companies who wish to launch or revamp loyalty programs. The blog’s portfolio consists of detailed guides on the best practices for running a successful loyalty program, technology deep dives, and a cornerstone article that shows each step of introducing a loyalty program, from the planning phase to the launch itself.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The main way to navigate Antavo’s content-rich website is through a menu bar at the bottom, which features several drop-down menus, as well as a separate button just for the blog.

Anvato takes into account the various agendas a reader might have. The first content visitor will most likely see is the latest article that’s prominently highlighted. Below it is the chronological list of other articles and guides – each with a category tag to identify their purpose, as well as a brief description to better gauge the content.

Right to the main article is another list — this without image or description, dedicated to the all-time most popular loyalty content on the blog (including the blog’s cornerstone article), which provides a great introduction for those who are looking for fundamental information about loyalty programs.

Best Finance and Investment Blogs

If your passion or expertise lies in money management and stock trading, you may want to try starting a blog on finance and investment.

Most people are interested in making more money, but some folks just don’t know the first thing about financial management or cryptocurrency.

This is where you can help. Through your own blog, help other people become more financially literate and better at managing and increasing their budget.

To help you learn more about finance and investment blogs, here are some great blog examples.

32. CoinDesk

The CoinDesk website homepage.
  • Main topics: investment, cryptocurrency, digital assets
  • Created on: Contentful

An entrepreneur Shakil Khan founded the CoinDesk blog to provide global investment news, data, education, and events. The blog’s target audience is young investors exploring the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Some examples of CoinDesk’s content pieces include investment industry news, opinion pieces on crypto regulation, and helpful articles explaining how blockchain technology works to newbie investors.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Coindesk keeps the Learn section on their homepage very organized, aiming to be as helpful as possible for people new to investment and cryptocurrency. There are four categories of tutorial articles – Bitcoin 101, Blockchain 101, Ethereum 101, and Trading 101.

Each category consists of multiple chapters, and under each heading the estimated time required to read all the chapters is written in a small font.

This neat content organization is helpful for beginners, easing them into the world of trading through complex tutorials broken down into several chapters.

33. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder website homepage.
  • Main topics: personal finance
  • Created on: WordPress

Kyle Taylor, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist, founded The Penny Hoarder blog to help people control their finances and make smart financial decisions.

This website publishes articles on earning, saving, and managing money. Some of the featured content categories include Budgeting, Debt, and Retirement.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

On the website’s homepage, a section titled The Latest From Our Community displays the newest posts made by members of the blog’s community.

The Penny Hoarder shows that it has an active and growing community of readers by displaying such guest posts.

This increases the blog’s credibility, giving off the sense that the site knows what it’s talking about. In addition, it also persuades new website visitors to join the community.

34. Ramsey Solutions

The Blog page of the Ramsey Solutions webpage.
  • Main topics: personal finance, wealth management, financial literacy
  • Created on: Atlassian Cloud

The Ramsey Solutions blog is a part of The Ramsey Solutions company that provides education and guides on personal finance and money management for everybody, from kids and teens to organizations.

The blog offers helpful articles on similar subjects, with categories such as Insurance, Taxes, Budgeting, Retirement, and Financial Literacy.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

To help users access the content they want with ease, the blog filters all available articles according to the Topic and the Author. In addition, it labels each displayed article with the category it falls under.

The editorial team also maintains consistent design aspects in the photos accompanying the articles, making sure the pictures contain similar color schemes and fonts.

35. Timothy Sykes

The Blog page of the Timothy Sykes website.
  • Main topics: penny stock trading
  • Created on: WordPress

A penny stock trader and teacher with over 20 years of trading experience, Timothy Sykes uses his eponymous website to introduce himself and educate people on the lucrative business of penny stock trading.

Through the blog page of his website, Sykes provides helpful content such as penny stock news, guides, tips and tricks, and opinion pieces.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Sykes provides a drop-down menu to access the categories of content with ease.

He sticks to only featuring articles and pictures without any snippets and puts plenty of space between one article’s headline and picture and another. This way, he avoids cluttering up his page with too much text.

36. Of Dollars And Data

The Of Dollars And data website homepage.
  • Main topics: personal finance, investment
  • Created on: WordPress

Created by Nick Maggiulli, Of Dollars And Data is a blog helping people manage their finances and investments using data analysis.

In addition to writing for his blog, Maggiulli has also published over 200,000 words on finance and investment for various publications, including CNBC and The Wall Street Journal.

Examples of the blog posts include content on financial markets, hedge funds, and income-producing assets.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Maggiulli includes Popular Posts as one of the items on his blog’s navigation bar so that visitors can access the best of his articles with ease.

He also provides social media sharing buttons for each of his posts to increase the blog’s reach. Readers can share his blog posts through three different social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Best Food Blogs

Maybe you pride yourself on whipping up delicious dishes in your home kitchen. Or maybe you want to educate people on your local cuisine. Perhaps you just want to document the family recipes online.

If you have an exceptionally high appreciation for food, consider starting a food blog.

Create a food blog that celebrates all types of cuisines worldwide or narrow down your niche and choose one cuisine to focus on instead.

Whatever kind of food blog you choose to create, here are some food blog examples to help you get started.

37. Pinch of Yum

The Pinch of Yum website homepage.
  • Main topics: food recipes
  • Created on: WordPress

Pinch of Yum is the brainchild of food blogger Lindsay Ostrom, a former teacher turned full-time blogger. Ostrom publishes a variety of healthy and delicious food recipes, from jackfruit sandwiches to homemade ramen.

In addition to the food recipes, she also occasionally writes personal blog posts on topics such as travel, motherhood, and home decor.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

A slider of various recipes appears at the top of the screen when people scroll up the page, showcasing eight recipes at a time. This slider disappears when people scroll down. This is an excellent way to fit more content without taking up more space on the page.

In addition, the Recipe Collections blog section on the homepage features a list of food categories along with a number next to each category, telling readers how many recipes of that food category have been published.

This way, Ostrom can highlight the impressive number of recipes she has published and the variety of content provided.

38. Minimalist Baker

The Minimalist Baker website homepage.
  • Main topics: food recipes, easy cooking
  • Created on: WordPress

Minimalist Baker is a food blog promoting simple cooking that can be done quickly, using simple ingredients and basic cooking equipment. The site also features a diverse array of recipes, not just desserts – don’t let the blog name fool you.

All recipes featured on the website meet one or more of the three main criteria – 10 Ingredients or Less, 1-Bowl, and 30 Minutes or Less to Prepare.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The blog uses a handy icon system to help readers find recipes meeting their dietary needs. There are five icons in total, and they come in the form of initials that fit inside circles of different colors.

The letters GF inside a pink circle stands for Gluten-Free, VG inside a red circle for Vegan, V inside a brown circle for Vegetarian, DF inside a green circle for Dairy-Free, and NS inside of a black circle for Naturally Sweetened.

39. Green Kitchen Stories

The Green Kitchen Stories website homepage.
  • Main topics: vegetarian food recipes
  • Created on: WordPress

Created by Luise Vindahl and David Frenkiel, Green Kitchen Stories is a blog featuring plant-based food recipes and videos, from zucchini soup to vegetable flatbreads.

In addition to the vegetarian food content, Vindahl and Frenkiel also use the website to provide content on their personal life and travel as well as to promote their products. The products they offer include temporary tattoos, cookbooks, apps, and vegan-certified supplements.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The site homepage displays a slider featuring five different banner-like pictures that extend from one end of the screen to the other. The slider automatically changes the featured photo every few seconds.

What is unique about the slider is how the text on the photo appears with a fade-in effect, just a second after the slider changes to a new picture. This small detail looks aesthetically pleasing and draws people’s attention to the text itself.

40. The Woks of Life

The Woks of Life website homepage.
  • Main topics: Chinese food recipes
  • Created on: WordPress

The Woks of Life is a food blog run by a Chinese-American family of four – parents Bill and Judy along with daughters Sarah and Kaitlin – and focusing mainly on Chinese cuisine. The blog was born as a way for the Leungs to document their family history through Chinese food.

It has various kinds of content, including recipes, cooking tools, and methods, articles on ingredients used in Chinese cooking, as well as content on life and travel.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The banner on top of the homepage displaying the navigation menu and the blog title sports a unique design decorated with various food ingredients and Chinese characters. It is very fitting for a blog on Chinese cuisine.

There is also a helpful “Find your favorite recipes” blog section, featuring three drop-down menus to browse recipes based on category, collection, and course.

41. Fit Men Cook

The Fit Men Cook website homepage.
  • Main topics: healthy food recipes
  • Created on: WordPress

Kevin Curry started the Fit Men Cook blog to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing nutritious and delicious food recipes. The website provides content such as meal prep ideas, food recipes, and healthy eating challenges.

Curry first started the blog to keep himself motivated and accountable in his weight loss and fitness journey and build an online community centered on healthy eating.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Curry displays helpful tags under the title of every featured recipe to help people sort through recipes quickly and find ones fitting their lifestyle and dietary needs.

For example, for the recipe Sourdough French Toast Brunch Bake, the tags displayed include Breakfast, Hard Gainer, High Carbs, Ideas, Meal Prep, and Post-Workout.

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Best Travel Blogs

If you are an adventurous traveler always seeking new places to explore, starting a travel blog may be a great way for you to document your adventures while also sharing your expertise with fellow travelers.

Fill your new blog with beautiful pictures of nature and wildlife. Translate the fantastic scenery, food, and people you see into writing. Besides being an excellent way to keep track of your travels, you can also look back at your posts to relive your travel memories.

Here are some examples of the best travel blogs to give you an idea of what travel blogging is all about.

42. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad website homepage.
  • Main topics: solo and female travel
  • Created on: WordPress

Created by Kiersten Rich, The Blonde Abroad is a travel blog focusing on solo and female travel. Rich has traveled to over 70 countries, including South Africa, Italy, and Morocco.

Although mainly focused on solo and female travel content, Rich also provides articles on other types of travel, such as adventure, budget, luxury, couples, student, volunteer, and eco travel.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Rich has an Explore By Destination section on her website homepage, a world map highlighting all the places she has traveled to.

On the left of the map is a list of all the regions she has visited. The list of countries is also provided in the form of a drop-down menu above the map. There is also a search box next to the drop-down menu.

Using the features above, Rich makes it very easy for her readers to learn about the places they are interested in, providing various ways to access the content focused on the destination in question.

43. Wandering Earl

The Wandering Earl website homepage.
  • Main topics: solo travel
  • Created on: WordPress

Living out of his suitcase with no place to call a permanent home, Derek Earl Baron uses his blog to show people that long-term travel can be a realistic lifestyle option – not a far-fetched fantasy.

With over 20 years of traveling experience, Baron shares various content such as travel advice, gear, costs, and stories. He also writes about how to find work while traveling, the interesting people he meets, personal stories, and his life perspective.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Baron allows his readers to browse posts by category and country. There are 12 categories to choose from, with five blog post titles featured under each category. Some of the categories include Travel Advice, Work & Travel, and Interesting People.

As for countries, he includes a list of all the countries in the world and hyperlinks the ones he has visited to pages featuring blog posts about the corresponding countries. Some of the countries include Austria, Cambodia, and Nicaragua.

44. Nomadic Matt

The Nomadic Matt website homepage.
  • Main topics: budget travel
  • Created on: WordPress

Through the Nomadic Matt blog, Matthew Kepnes wants to help people travel better for less. His travel advice has been featured in numerous publications such as The Guardian, The New York Times, and National Geographic.

The website features travel tips, interviews with travel experts, travelers’ profiles of varying backgrounds, detailed travel cost breakdowns, and tips to save money while traveling.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The Nomadic Matt website features a homepage banner with a search box to look up for any content.

Above the search box is the blog’s slogan “Travel smarter, cheaper, longer” accompanied by an inviting question “Where do you want to go?” to encourage people to type in the box.

Popular search keywords are also displayed under the box to help people who are at a loss of where to start.

45. HoneyTrek

The HoneyTrek website homepage.
  • Main topics: couples travel
  • Created on: WordPress

HoneyTrek is a blog created by an American couple Mike and Anne Howard after they started traveling around the world for their honeymoon back in 2012. Hence the slogan of the blog – “The World’s Longest Honeymoon”.

The couple wants to inspire other people to follow their traveling dreams through their blog. They have written multiple books on traveling, and their blog has also been featured in publications such as The Daily Mail, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

In addition to the articles featured on the homepage’s slider and the HoneyTrek Features section, various blog posts are also displayed under different geographical categories, such as North America, South America, and Asia.

There are two articles featured under each heading or category. This is a great way to display the variety of travel content offered on the blog in terms of the different places the couple has traveled to.

46. Anywhere We Roam

The Anywhere We Roam website homepage.
  • Main topics: independent travel
  • Created on: WordPress

Run by friends Mark Barnes and Paul Healy, Anywhere We Roam is a travel blog documenting the pair’s adventures in the world. The site covers different places worldwide and various types of travel such as hiking, adventurous travel, wildlife experiences, and road trips.

The award-winning blog also provides carefully crafted and tested travel itineraries, featuring day-by-day travel breakdowns, highlights, accommodation, and booking guides.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Every page of the Anywhere We Roam blog features large and picturesque images from various trips, filling up the entire screen.

These pictures are accompanied by only a few lines of small white text, letting the photos shine unobstructed.

The blog’s homepage alternates these beautiful screen-wide pictures with smaller pictures or text set against a white background, giving the entire site a very clean and visually pleasing look.

Best Photography Blogs

Taking photos is an excellent way to immortalize objects, be it scenery, people, food, or fashion.

Whether you have great photography skills or just love capturing photos of everyday life, creating a photography website or blog is a way to indulge in your passion and connect with fellow photographers.

If you are interested in writing about photography or sharing some of your best snapshots through your own photography blog, take a look at some of the best photography blog examples you can learn from.

47. Joe McNally

The Joe McNally website homepage.
  • Main topics: fashion, scenery, people photography
  • Created on: WordPress

Through the eponymous website, internationally acclaimed and award-winning photographer Joe McNally showcases the best of his work.

He uses his blog to tell journal entry-like stories of eventful days in his life of working as a photographer, taking pictures of actors and actresses, musicians, or the military.

What We Can Learn from This Blog

In addition to the blog, McNally also uses his website as a professional online portfolio. The homepage of his website, for example, displays the various photos he has taken under different categories.

Each category features a full-screen slider showing off the large and high-quality pictures in an automatic slideshow. There is limited text on the homepage, letting the pictures speak for themselves.

48. David duChemin

The David duChemin website homepage.
  • Main topics: photography tips and tricks
  • Created on: WordPress

Writing articles on photography tips and tricks interspersed with the occasional personal blog posts, photographer and best-selling author David duChemin aims to help other people create compelling photos.

When not educating people on photography, creativity, and entrepreneurship, duChemin works as a world and humanitarian photographer. He captures images of children, the vulnerable, and the oppressed.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

duChemin uses various useful widgets to improve site navigation on his blog. On his homepage, he displays a search box, drop-down menus of article categories and archives, as well as recent comments and articles.

Furthermore, a slider at the top of the homepage promotes products, such as duChemin’s podcast and books on photography.

49. Humans of New York

The Humans of New York website homepage.
  • Main topics: people photography
  • Created on: Tumblr

Initially begun by Brandon Stanton as a photography project, Humans of New York has evolved into a vibrant photography blog. This site is one of the most popular photography blog examples portraying New Yorkers and sharing their stories.

In addition to the inhabitants of New York, the blog now also features people from other countries and of certain population groups.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

Humans of New York is an excellent example of a straightforward photography blog, only providing a hybrid of hero image and navigation menu in addition to its main content – pictures of people and their captions. No unnecessary widgets clutter the website.

The navigation menu also sports a clean design that emphasizes text readability, with large white text set over faded portraits of various people.

50. Photofocus

The Photofocus website homepage.
  • Main topics: photography tips, tricks, tools, gear
  • Created on: WordPress

Photofocus is an educational blog targeting aspiring and professional photographers. It provides helpful and original content from accomplished photographers, artists, and business leaders in the photography industry.

In addition to providing photography tips and tricks, the blog also works with various brands in the industry, offering readers different photography gear and tool reviews.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The Photofocus blog homepage features a variety of content – not only the most recent articles but also the latest videos and podcast episodes. It also provides some of the most popular content tags, giving an idea of what to read next.

There is also a blog section called Community spotlight that showcases a specific member of the Photofocus community. This is an excellent way to show appreciation for the existing community members and invite new readers to join the community.

51. The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist website homepage.
  • Main topics: fashion photography
  • Created on: WordPress

The Sartorialist is a fashion photography blog showcasing the work of street-style photographer Scott Schuman. Schuman captures photos of people’s everyday fashion.

In addition to taking photos of strangers’ everyday clothing choices, Schuman has also worked with various influencers and brands. The Victoria & Albert Museum and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography display some of his work.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

This photo-heavy fashion blog is very simple. Unlike other blogs, there are no articles to go with the photos – only captions providing the photos’ locations.

Schuman also organizes the photos on his blog using tags denoting the different fashion styles, articles of clothing, or captured locations. Examples of the tags include handbags, London, outerwear, and red.

Best Art and Design Blogs

If you care deeply about art and design, indulge your creative soul by launching an art and design blog.

Through your blog, share your opinion and interpretations of different artworks and designs. Once established enough, use your blog as an online platform to showcase the works of various artists and designers around the globe.

If you are an artist or designer, you can even design a website to show your creative work.

Here are some popular blogs on art and design to help you find design inspirations for your website and get your creative juices flowing.

52. Apartment Therapy

The Apartment Therapy website homepage.
  • Main topics: interior design
  • Created on: Ceros

Created as a weekly newsletter that morphed into a blog and media company, Apartment Therapy is the brainchild of interior designer Maxwell Ryan. The blog aims to provide realistic tips and tutorials on how to beautify homes on various budgets.

The blog content includes advice from experts, shopping guides, DIY tutorials, and reader-submitted daily House Tour content, showing different homes of various styles and sizes.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The site’s long homepage exposes readers to lots of content, increasing visitor dwell time and making them more inclined to explore other website pages.

It also has a very well-organized navigation bar. Hover over one of the items on the bar, and comprehensive lists of accessible categories and subcategories of content will appear.

53. Abduzeedo

The Abduzeedo website homepage.
  • Main topics: design, art, photography, UX
  • Created on: Drupal

Abduzeedo or ABDZ is a design blog created by Fabio Sasso, now run by a group of writers worldwide.

The blog provides a variety of content on design, art, photography, and UX. For example, articles on illustrations, 3D art, editorial design, branding, photo manipulation, web design, and designer spotlights.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

True to its identity as a design blog, the blog sports a very classy yet unique design. It uses white text on a black background. The homepage is split into two parts, with one blog post featured on the left and a list of recent posts on the right.

When the blog visitor scrolls down, only the right-hand side of the page moves, while the left-hand side of the page remains static.

54. Colossal

The Colossal website homepage.
  • Main topics: art, design, visual culture
  • Created on: WordPress

Serving as an international platform to celebrate artists and make art accessible to everyone, Colossal is an award-winning art, design, and visual culture blog created by writer and curator Christopher Jobson.

The blog covers a wide range of creative disciplines, showcasing news in fine art, street art, illustration, design, photography, science, modern craft, and animation.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The photo-heavy website features large photos in high definition within its articles – an important aspect of a blog on art and visual culture.

In addition, Colossal’s homepage has a section titled Trending on Colossal that features trending articles in the form of pictures – with no accompanying article titles or snippets – arranged in a grid pattern. This is a unique and attractive way to showcase popular articles.

55. Booooooom

The Booooooom website homepage.
  • Main topics: arts and culture
  • Created on: WordPress

Booooooom is a Canadian arts and culture blog showcasing works from artists, photographers, and designers worldwide. The website was created by artist Jeff Hamada.

The blog offers articles highlighting works of art, photography, and design. A section of the blog titled BOOOOOOOM TV also provides a daily selection of films, music videos, and animations.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The homepage has a Featured Submissions section, displaying the best works created and submitted by readers of the blog. This is an excellent way for the blog to promote its community and foster reader engagement.

When readers scroll up a page, the blog’s navigation bar automatically appears at the top of the screen. This makes it easier for people to access other parts of the blog without having to scroll all the way up.

56. Hookedblog

The Hookedblog website homepage.
  • Main topics: street art
  • Created on: Blogger

Launched by Mark Rigney, Hookedblog showcases street art, murals, and graffiti art found in London and beyond.

The award-winning blog features street art and murals from areas such as the UK in general, Europe, Africa, and the United States. It also covers some works featured in street art festivals.

What Can We Learn From This Blog

The homepage features a Popular Posts section so new visitors can immediately access the best content the blog has to offer.

It also displays the awards won by the blog, increasing the blog’s credibility.

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People might write blogs for various reasons, from self-expression to earning money online. A blog can feature content focusing on one or multiple topics.

There are lots of issues a blogger can write about, however, it is better if a blogger writes on topics they are passionate about or an expert in.

Bloggers need to find a unique niche to write about to stand out from competitors. If they provide one-of-a-kind blog content, it will be easier to build a solid and loyal following.

This article discussed 11 blog topics – technology, lifestyle, beauty and fashion, health and fitness, education, business and marketing, finance and investment, food, travel, photography, and art and design blogs.

We have also provided 55 examples of successful blogs – five examples for each blog type, containing a brief background on the blog, and its positive or unique aspects.

Here is a list from our experts of the best blog examples of all the blog types mentioned above:

  1. Best Tech Blog TechCrunch, focusing on technology and startup news.
  2. Best Lifestyle Blog A Cup of Jo, featuring content surrounding fashion, food, travel, relationships, and motherhood.
  3. Best Beauty and Fashion Blog Sincerely Jules, focusing on women’s fashion, beauty, and lifestyle
  4. Best Health and Fitness Blog Muscle and Fitness, providing written content on workouts, fitness, nutrition, and athletes and celebrities.
  5. Best Education Blog HowStuffWorks, covering almost every topic imaginable in a fun and easy-to-digest way.
  6. Best Business and Marketing Blog The Balance Small Business, helping people start and run their businesses by covering business, finance, and entrepreneurship topics.
  7. Best Finance and Investment Blog CoinDesk, offering news, data, education, and events surrounding investment, cryptocurrency, and digital assets.
  8. Best Food Blog Minimalist Baker, promoting quick and straightforward cooking with simple ingredients and basic cooking equipment.
  9. Best Travel Blog The Blonde Abroad, focusing on solo and female travel.
  10. Best Photography Blog Humans of New York, documenting people’s life stories in New York and other regions of the world.
  11. Best Art and Design Blog Colossal, celebrating artists and making art more accessible by providing various content on art, design, and visual culture.

We hope the blog examples presented in this article have inspired and helped you to decide what kind of blog you want to focus on. Now it’s time to take a leap, create your own blog, and start writing. Good luck!

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Tashia is passionate about all things website development, digital marketing, and eCommerce. She strives to spread her knowledge and help people navigate the online world through her words, one article at a time.