17 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins for 2021

17 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins for  2021

A calendar plugin is a powerful tool to communicate your schedule and let potential customers know if you are available. It can even help leverage your business by making accepting appointments and selling tickets simple and easy.

If you own a WordPress website, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of WordPress calendar plugins available. However, picking the best one from hundreds of options can be tricky.

In this article, we will present the best WordPress calendar plugins. We selected both free and premium plugins to help you build a perfect calendar for your website, regardless of budget.

What to Look for in a Calendar Plugin?

There are plenty of WordPress plugins available, so you may wonder how to pick the best one. Your needs and goals will determine the must-have features and the best plugin for your WordPress site.

However, there are some functions that the best WordPress calendar plugin should have:

  • Availability. This feature informs visitors about your availability to serve clients. It is a must-have option for doctors, dentists, or any other appointment-based businesses.
  • Booking capability. This enables customers to self-book themselves into any available slot.
  • View options. Calendar-view alternatives will enhance the user experience.
  • Event details. It should let you add and display essential information such as date, time, and event location and additional details like attendance, staff, and notes. 
  • Responsiveness. A fully-responsive calendar adapts to different devices, guaranteeing an excellent user experience for different browsers and screens.
  • User-friendliness. The calendar plugin should let you add, edit, or remove calendar events without much effort.
  • Display customization. You should be able to customize the calendar’s appearance to fit your WordPress theme.

Calendar plugins’ features may vary depending on their target audience and their price points. So, picking the best WordPress event calendar plugin will involve matching your business needs, the features available, and your budget.

Top 11 Free Calendar Plugins

Having an excellent calendar plugin on your WordPress site doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 11 of the best WordPress calendar plugins you can download for free.

1. The Events Calendar

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 800,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: several view options, compatible with Event Tickets
  • Best suited for: event management
  • Price: freemium 

The Events Calendar is one of the most popular WordPress calendar plugins. As the name suggests, it is an excellent tool for managing events.

It offers the option to view the calendar by month, day, or list of events, so your visitors can pick what’s most convenient for them.

The Events Calendar also comes with a keyword search function that lets users search the site for a specific event.

It’s compatible with Google Calendar and iCalendar, making it easy to export an event calendar to either of those apps.

The Events Calendar plugin also works seamlessly with Event Tickets, which gives you the ability to manage RSVPs. Event Tickets offers integration with PayPal to help you sell online tickets.

There’s also a premium version, The Events Calendar Pro, available from $99/license. Its additional features include creating recurring events so that you don’t have to add them manually, integration with Google Maps for map view and location search, and additional options like weekly and photo views.


2. Simple Calendar

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Notable features: simplicity, seamless integration with Google Calendar
  • Best suited for: integrating WordPress sites with Google Calendar
  • Price: freemium

Simple Calendar is a calendar plugin that integrates WordPress websites with Google Calendar. 

All you need to do is manage events on your Google public calendar, and the plugin will show them on your site. There’s no need to recreate or manage events separately on WordPress.

It provides several layout options, such as a monthly grid or list view. There’s also a neat hover effect on the grid view that pops up detailed event information, so the calendar is not overfilled with text and looks tidier.

The mobile version features a monthly grid layout and uses dots to represent the events on any given day.

The plugin also offers customizable designs to help match its appearance to your WordPress theme.

Simple Calendar is all about simplicity, so it doesn’t provide tons of calendar features. What it does offer are add-ons to help extend its capabilities.

You can purchase Simple Calendar’s add-on bundle for $49 for one WordPress website. It will give you access to such options as weekly and daily views and customizable calendar height.

The plan includes FullCalendar, Google Calendar Pro, and one year of support and updates.


3. All-in-One Event Calendar

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: integration with third-party tools, management of recurring events
  • Best suited for: event management
  • Price: freemium

All-in-One Event Calendar is one of the most powerful free WordPress calendar plugins you can get.

It offers advanced features like recurring events, including complex schedules, tags and category filters, and color-coding.

This WordPress plugin is compatible with Google Calendar, Apple iCalendar, and Microsoft Outlook. 

Plus, All-in-One Event Calendar integrates nicely with Google Maps, so you can embed a location into each event, making it easy for attendees to get to the venue.

It offers daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views. There are also theme options to choose from and a calendar theme editor for appearance customization.

There’s an extended views add-on that you can get for $98/year. It comes with a posterboard view option, a new theme, and a mobile-friendly, streamlined view of upcoming events.


4. Modern Events Calendar Lite

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 70,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: management of complex recurring events, great visual design, visitor’s event submission
  • Best suited for: managing events, booking services
  • Price: freemium 

Modern Events Calendar Lite is another free calendar plugin for WordPress with loads of features. 

It comes with a great design, so you don’t have to spend too much time customizing the calendar to look and function well.

This WordPress calendar plugin supports complex schedules, such as events that only happen on a particular day. If you want to create an event for every first Sunday of the month, this plugin has you covered.

The Modern Events Calendar plugin works well with popular page builders such as Elementor, and it includes a shortcode generator to help you fully customize the plugin’s layout.

It also provides a front-end event submission form, so end-users and web visitors can create or send an event for you to approve. 

The submission form includes an event status so that event creators can track down their events.

If you need a booking plugin with ticketing functions, you have to purchase its pro version. It is available for $79/license and offers integrations with various payment gateways to accept online payments for ticket sales.


5. My Calendar 

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 30,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: single calendar database for multiple websites 
  • Best suited for: event management
  • Price: freemium 

My Calendar is a WordPress calendar plugin that’s perfect for managing a site network and multiple calendars.

This WordPress plugin allows you to display events from one calendar on all websites in the same network.

It fetches the events from a single database, so you don’t have to configure each site’s calendar individually.

It also works if you want to post multiple calendars on a single WordPress page. For instance, you can have one calendar for each event category.

The view options include a calendar grid, monthly, weekly, and daily views, and a list of events. Plus, you can set it as a widget or use its shortcode generator for a more compact display.

If you wish to sell online tickets or accept a reservation, you can couple this plugin with My Tickets and accept Stripe and other gateway payments.

Its premium version, My Calendar Pro, costs $49/year. It provides event submissions and automatic blog posts for events created.


6. Booking Calendar

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 60,000+ 
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: booking up to one year in advance, CAPTCHA support
  • Best suited for: booking management
  • Price: freemium

The Booking Calendar plugin is one of the original booking plugins for WordPress. Although it currently has 60,000+ active installations, more than 1 million users have downloaded it since 2009.

This plugin is suitable for showing available slots for properties or services. On the front-end, visitors can easily book an appointment or room by filling out their desired time and date on the form.

You’ll receive an email notification every time a booking form is submitted, and you can decide whether to accept or decline the request.

Booking Calendar provides daily, monthly, and even yearly views, so you can accept and manage bookings a year in advance.

It also comes with CAPTCHA support to avoid any unwanted spam on your WordPress website.

The Booking Calendar pro version is available from $47.40, and it offers features such as email template customization, compatibility with multiple payment gateways, and more.


7. Events Manager

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: Zoom integration, CSV files export
  • Best suited for: managing events, organizing webinars
  • Price: freemium 

Events Manager is one of the best WordPress event calendar plugins available. It comes with loads of useful features and incredible versatility.

You can arrange recurring and multi-day events along with easy guest registration. The Google Maps integration helps display and direct your guests to the event location.

If you schedule a virtual event, the integration with Zoom will come in handy. It allows you to book meetings and webinars straight from the plugin.

The BuddyPress support allows submitting personal and group events, which also includes an activity stream.

The booking management system allows you to accept or decline calendar events and export them as CSV files.

Events Manager has multiple ticketing and pricing features available on its free version.

However, to accept online payments through PayPal, Stride, or Authorize.net, you have to get Events Manager Pro, starting at $75/license.

Other premium features include automated and customizable event-specific emails, customizable booking forms, and reCAPTCHA support.


8. Easy Appointments

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 20,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: simplicity, staff assignment upon booking, email notifications
  • Best suited for: businesses that require a booking system
  • Price: freemium 

If you provide a service that allows customers to choose specific staff members or event venues, Easy Appointments has you covered.

This free booking system plugin allows you to create a dedicated calendar for each worker, location, service, and date/time.

The email notification feature informs customers, staff, and the site’s admin once a booking is submitted or updated.

Links to confirm or cancel the booking are included in the email, making it easier to respond. 

You can access integration with Google Calendar, Apple iCalendar, WooCommerce, and PayPal by purchasing the extension package for $39/license.


9. Sugar Calendar Lite

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 1,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: simplicity, easy-to-use admin interface
  • Best suited for: basic calendar use
  • Price: freemium

Sugar Calendar Lite is a simple event calendar plugin. It’s easy to use and offers essential tools for managing events, making it lightweight and quick to set up.

The plugin has a straightforward admin interface to help you manage your events without much effort.

It comes with a unique calendar system that allows you to set events to specific calendars. Besides, the plugin offers widgets and shortcodes to customize the calendar’s display and filters.

Sugar Calendar is also translation-ready and offers custom time and date formats. If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward plugin, Sugar Calendar Lite might be the best option for you.

However, if you want more features than its free version offers, you can purchase a premium plan, available from $49/year. It includes additional customization and integration options.


10. Editorial Calendar

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 30,000+
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Notable features: WordPress content scheduling
  • Best suited for: WordPress content management
  • Price: free

Editorial Calendar is an administrative calendar plugin for WordPress. Unlike other calendar plugins, Editorial Calendar won’t display any calendars on your site.

Instead, it integrates with your WordPress dashboard to show your monthly post schedule.

In a sense, this plugin is like a project management tool. You can see the status of all drafts and posts, as well as when each one should be published.

It’s also possible to rearrange items by dragging and dropping them around the calendar.

While this plugin doesn’t have tons of features, it’s really helpful to map out your content plan and manage drafts and posts.

Unlike a project management tool, you can easily access calendars on your WordPress dashboard.


11. Event Calendar WD

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 20,000+
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Notable features: Google Maps integration, extensions
  • Best suited for: event management
  • Price: freemium

Event Calendar WD is a powerful WordPress event calendar plugin. It’s fully customizable and comes with seven view options and several different themes.

The plugin is easy to use and lets you put as many details as you need. You can create unlimited events and calendars and assign event categories and tags.

It integrates with Google Maps to display the locations of upcoming events and venue details. The social sharing feature helps to promote events as people can share them on various social media platforms.

Event Calendar WD also offers 14 extensions that provide advanced options like front-end management, the countdown for upcoming events, and filtering. However, you can only get these extensions by purchasing the $100 plugin bundle.

The plugin is also available in premium versions, starting from $25/license. All plans include access to updates and premium support.


Top 6 Premium Calendar Plugins

1. EventON

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 50,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: broad customization options, live event tracker
  • Best suited for: event management
  • Price: $25/regular license or $250/extended license

EventON is one of the best WordPress calendar plugins, offering a wide range of customization options. 

This plugin lets you colorize events and include images to grab the visitors’ attention. Additionally, it is possible to integrate events with Google Maps, so guests can immediately check their location.

There’s also a real-time calendar view to track ongoing events and a progress bar to show their remaining time. Plus, you can also display a countdown to the next event to keep visitors always informed.

EventON offers three event-view options – tiles, bubbles, and list. The “bubble view” is ideal for compactly showing events. Besides, they all adapt nicely to the site’s current theme.

It includes a shortcode generator and pluggable functions for developers.

Despite an extensive list of features, EventON still offers various add-ons to enhance your calendar’s capabilities.

However, these EventON add-ons don’t come cheap, costing from $15/year to $300/year each. If you want to purchase them in a bundle, they will cost from $136/year to $331.50/year.


2. Booked

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 12,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: guest booking, multiple spaces in a time slot
  • Best suited for: booking management
  • Price: $49/license

Booked offers advanced appointment booking tools and easy-to-use appointment management.

You can create time slots and custom fields to collect guests’ information, making it perfect for restaurants, clinics, public space rent, and consultants alike.

It’s also possible to specify how many spaces are available to book for each time slot and create vacation days.

Booked also includes an option for guest booking, which is very convenient for your customers as they don’t have to create accounts to make reservations.

You can also create a custom login page and customize calendars to any color you want to suit your WordPress site.

This calendar plugin is fully responsive, and you can display calendars as shortcodes or widgets.

Booked is also compatible with WooCommerce and its payment system, so if you want to have ticketing or online payment, it has you covered.


3. Events Schedule

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 7,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: visual schedule builder, 12 calendar styles
  • Best suited for: event and booking management
  • Price: $39/regular license or $365/extended license

Events Schedule is a powerful and highly customizable WordPress calendar plugin. It allows you to display events, accept bookings, and sell online tickets.

You get 12 display styles to choose from. This makes Events Schedule very versatile and capable of suiting many different needs. Some styles accept image integration and carousels to make your calendars visually attractive and engaging. 

On top of that, these styles can be easily customized using the integrated visual schedule builder. The builder is intuitive and user-friendly, and you can switch between styles in just one-click.

Events Schedule is WooCommerce-ready, so if you run your WordPress site with WooCommerce, you can sell tickets and accept online payments with it.


4. Eventer

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 1,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: user dashboard, drag-and-drop form builder 
  • Best suited for: event management
  • Price: $39/regular license or $125/extended license

Eventer is an all-in-one event manager plugin full of advanced features. One of the best among them is the user dashboard.

It allows visitors to register on the website, submit events, and manage their registration.

Also, there is no limit on the number of event organizers. Add as many as you want and include their contact for better communication with the participants.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop form builder, adding an event is easy. Besides, the plugin is compatible with the WPBakery Page Builder, providing shortcodes for the platform.

Eventor also offers a shortcode generator to personalize your calendar even further. Choose from multiple styles and attributes available.

Eventor is compatible with WooCommerce, and it can accept payments through PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon Pay.


5. Bookly PRO

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 34,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: compatibility with Zapier, 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar
  • Best suited for: booking management
  • Price: $89/regular license or $990/extended license

Bookly PRO is an appointment booking system that offers a lot of great integrations and compatibilities.

With the Zapier automation tools, you can connect Bookly PRO to multiple other tools like Gmail, Slack, and more.

Bookly PRO also integrates nicely with Zoom, allowing you to include an auto-generated meeting link to your appointments.

It comes with a 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar, which allows Bookly to reflect any updates on Google Calendar on your site and vice-versa.

Your website visitors get a comprehensive user interface to book appointments. It has a multi-step booking process that allows them to pick the service, staff, number of attendees, and time slot. 

Besides, it is fully responsive, so it will still look great on different devices.

Bookly PRO is also compatible with WooCommerce and more than ten payment systems.


6. Calendarize it!

Plugin Stats

  • Downloads: 12,000+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Notable features: visual CSS editor, WPBakery elements
  • Best suited for: event and booking management
  • Price: $29/regular license or $150/extended license

Calendarize it! is a feature-rich and highly customizable WordPress calendar plugin.

It supports the WordPress Gutenberg block editor and the WPBakery page builder. Calendarize it! comes with 39 elements for WPBakery to help you design and build your calendar.

If you wish to use a different page-building WordPress plugin, Calendarized it! offers shortcodes that work with other popular platforms as well.

Additionally, Calendarize it! provides a bunch of free add-ons to choose from, including a visual CSS editor for customization.

The editor allows you to change the calendar’s style and colors and choose among more than 800 Google Fonts without any CSS programming knowledge.

If you need more features, you can purchase the available premium add-ons, such as WooCommerce, Eventbrite Tickets, and Community Events.


How to Choose the Right Calendar Plugin for Your Site?

There are many great WordPress calendar plugins to choose from, offering many different features at different price points. You may have also noticed that not all of them cater to the same needs.

At this point, you may wonder how to pick the best WordPress calendar plugin for your site. To answer this, you need to take a step back and assess your needs.

Here are some points to consider in a calendar plugin:

  • Budget. Premium WordPress calendar plugins cost around $29$89/license. This can contribute significantly to your website costs. If you’re tight on budget, consider a free plugin.
  • Integration with third-party tools. Some plugins work seamlessly with Google Maps, Apple iCalendar, and other platforms. If you wish to use these tools, it’s worth looking for a plugin with the required compatibility.
  • Guest booking. If you want to allow website users to submit their bookings, you’ll need a plugin equipped with it. Without one, it will be much more inconvenient for clients to book something, resulting in potential customer loss.
  • Payment options. Whether you sell tickets or receive payments for a service, you’ll need a plugin compatible with WooCommerce or other payment gateways.


A calendar feature can be beneficial both for your business and website visitors. It gives clients access to your schedule and helps them book appointments more efficiently.

If you are looking for free WordPress plugins, The Events Calendar and Simple Calendar are two of the most popular tools available.

They offer integration with Google Calendar, several view options, and if you decide you need an upgrade, you can purchase a premium plan further on.

If you want more customization options for your calendar, EventON is one of the best premium WordPress plugins you can install.

Besides being the most affordable option in the category, at $25 for a Regular License, you can include countdowns and progress bars to your events, as well as adjust their color to match your brand.  

With so many calendar plugins for WordPress available, it’s crucial to select the right one for you. Take your time to evaluate your business needs and each plugin’s features before making your final decision.

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