How to Fix the upload_max_filesize Error in WordPress

How to Fix the upload_max_filesize Error in WordPress

Most hosting providers set limits to the PHP memory designated for running applications and scripts. The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini is an error that occurs on your WordPress site when you upload a file that exceeds the limitations set by your webserver.

As scary as this error may seem, the solutions are pretty straight-forward. In this tutorial, you will learn how to fix the error by increasing the default limit of upload_max_filesize through a few methods.

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How to Fix the upload_max_filesize Error

The solution, as you might have guessed, involves increasing the default limit of upload_max_filesize. Let’s dive into it and see what steps we can take to fix this WordPress error.

Method 1. Editing the .htaccess File

The quickest fix for the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini error is increasing your PHP resource limits by tweaking the .htaccess file. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Login to hPanel and navigate to File Manager under the Files section.This image shows you how to find File Manager on hPanel
  2. Locate the .htaccess file and right-click to Edit.This image shows you how to edit the .htaccess file in public_html directory to fix the upload_max_filesize error in WordPress.
  3. Add the following line at the bottom of the file:
    php_value upload_max_filesize 256M

    and Save the changes.

That’s it! Increasing the upload_max_filesize value should automatically fix the error.

Try uploading your file again and if the error persists, Increase additional PHP limits by adding these lines into the .htaccess file :

php_value post_max_size 256M
php_value memory_limit 512M
php_value max_input_time 180
php_value max_execution_time 180

Adjust the PHP limits to any desired values as long as your web hosting providers support it. You can also locate the maximum available limits by checking the PHP info of your website.

Method 2. Editing the wp-config.php File

Another way to get rid of the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini error is by tweaking the wp-config.php file located in your root directory.

All you need to do is log in to the hPanel and access public_html to edit the wp_config. php file. Add the following line before the “That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing” line:

@ini_set('upload_max_size' , '256M' );

This image shows you how to increase the php upload value by editing wp-config.php file.Now Save the file, refresh your web browser, and try uploading again!

Method 3. Updating php.ini to Fix the upload_max_filesize Error

If you look closer at the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini error message, we can safely assume that it has something to do with php.ini, a file that holds all of the PHP related variables.

If you’re using shared web hosting by Hostinger, all limits are already at the maximum value for user convenience, so it’s not possible to alter php.ini.

However, you can always modify your PHP settings through the PHP Configuration tool on hPanel if you wish.

If you’re using VPS or a different platform, you can try updating php.ini to fix the error, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to your php.ini file and edit it. If you can’t find it, ask assistance from your hosting providers.
  2. Locate the upload_max_filesize and increase it by changing its number. You can also boost a few other limitations, as shown below:
    upload_max_filesize = 256M 
    post_max_size = 256M 
    memory_limit = 512M 
    max_execution_time = 180
  3. Save the file, and that’s it, the error should no longer occur.

Method 4. Making Changes to PHP Configurations on hPanel

For Hostinger clients, modifying PHP configurations can’t get any easier. Hostinger offers a custom-built tool to edit and adjust the PHP settings of your hosting account.

Log in to hPanel and head to PHP Configuration under Advanced. Then, switch to the PHP Options menu and scroll down to find upload_max_file row and make changes as needed.This image shows you how to make changes to the PHP Configuration tool on hPanel

Method 5. Contacting Customer Support to Fix the upload_max_filesize Error

If none of the options above fixed the error, try contacting your web hosting support team.

Explain the situation and let them know what steps you took to fix the WordPress error, and hopefully, they’ll resolve the problem for you.

If you’re a Hostinger client, our customer success agents are ready to help you out 24/7 through our live chat feature. Log in to the hPanel and access the chat feature at the bottom right of your dashboard.


In this tutorial, you have learned five different ways to fix the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini error in WordPress. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Increasing upload_max_filesize and other PHP values through the .htaccess file
  • Setting higher upload_max_filesize through the wp-config.php file
  • Editing php.ini file to increase upload_max_filesize
  • Editing and adjusting PHP configurations through the PHP Configuration feature on hPanel
  • Contacting your hosting providers for assistance

Easy, right? If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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Jason Streefje Reply

March 01 2018

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. - that's such a freakishly long error haha! I never thought the fixes were so simple. Thank you for this article, the first solution worked like a charm!


    Gediminas B.

    Replied on March 01 2018

    Hello, Jason. I'm glad to hear that you found this WordPress tutorial useful!


Abdullahi Reply

March 19 2018

please i want to host a website and it contain a heavy folder of pdf. because it's an e_library. so can i send the folder and you host it for me. am having difficult uploading it due to max upload file size.


    Domantas G.

    Replied on March 23 2018

    Hey Abdullahi, How big is your pdf? Have you tried to optimise it or upload it with FTP client?


Himanshu Reply

May 22 2018

Hi. I am still facing the issue even after trying all these methods. So far, I have tried: 1.Increasing upload_max_filesize and other PHP values through .htaccess; 2. Setting higher upload_max_filesize through wp-config.php file; 3. Editing php.ini file to increase upload_max_filesize; However, my media upload size is still 10mb. Please tell me how to fix it. Thanks in advance!


    Gediminas B.

    Replied on May 23 2018

    Hello, Himashu I'm sorry to hear that the error still persists on your website. It is possible that the limitations set by your current hosting provider do not allow uploading larger files than 10MB. If the server configuration does not let you exceed this limit, it is no surprise that the above solutions did not work. You can confirm this by checking PHP info. I would also suggest getting it touch with your web hosting provider and asking them personally if the limit can be increased. Alternatively, you may give your WordPress website a test drive on Hostinger. The error will be a thing of the past, and you can start with a 14-day free trial! ;)


Mysekual Reply

August 06 2018

Remember to restart your Apache to apply changes (if you're using VPS)!


    Gediminas B.

    Replied on November 07 2018

    That's a great point!


Alejandro Paez Reply

September 09 2018

Thanks! Option 1: Editing the .htaccess file worked for me :)


Hazal Reply

October 09 2018

You sir, are a life saver. Have a nice day !


Arun Reply

October 12 2018

Thanks, brother. It helped me


    Gediminas B.

    Replied on November 06 2018

    You're welcome! Glad to hear the article was useful ;)


Bongani Ngcobo Reply

October 24 2018

This helped, Thanks!



November 05 2018

Awesome article, very helpful. Thanks for sharing!


Sonny Reply

December 18 2018

Changing .htaccess worked for me. Thanks!


Yamil Reply

January 06 2019

Thank you for helping. I really enjoy this website!


Naren Reply

January 13 2019

Thanks a ton...had the same problem but could resolve it, thanks to you


Matt Rock Reply

January 17 2019

Editing .htaccess in the root (WordPress) directory worked for me. Thank for the tip!


ClemzyBoss Reply

January 23 2019

Thanks a lot fam... ".htaccess" worked for me!


Ashley Reply

February 07 2019

Option #1 worked for me. Thanks a lot for the tip!


Nishat Reply

April 03 2019

wow ....after spending a lot of times i found the solution in this website form the first solution ..I am very grateful to you for your helpful suggestion.



April 11 2019

option 01 : is working in my case 100% perfect , thanks mate


domagoj Reply

July 03 2019

Hello Gediminas! There is a typo in your code snippet. It says: upload_max_filesize = 256MB and should say upload_max_filesize = 256M Cheers!


    Domantas G.

    Replied on September 24 2019

    Hey domagoj, Thanks for letting us know! Fixed.


Kankan Deka Reply

August 06 2019

Thanks for this help


Raj Reply

August 09 2019

Thanks bud


sagar Reply

August 15 2019

thank you. this solved my problem.


vikram Reply

September 26 2019

Thank you very Much sir. you'r Great sir.


Soe Weyan Htike Reply

November 29 2019

Thank you very much sir, It's helpful for me.


Huynh Nguyen Reply

December 25 2019

Thank you, Domantas. I succeeded after updating to 256M at php.ini, wp-config.php and .htaccess. Huynh Nguyen


Rakibullah Risat Reply

March 15 2020

Thanks a lot .It solved my problem too


sal Reply

April 30 2020

thank you, work it!


harshal Reply

May 20 2020

Very usefull


Angelica Reply

August 22 2020

I have tried all three methods but it still shows up in my Site Health problems. Is there anything else I'm missing>


    Tomislav T.

    Replied on November 11 2020

    Hey Angelica! :) I am not sure which methods you've followed as you are replying to an article about uploading max file size, which shouldn't give Site Health problems. I don't have enough information to check your issue, but don't worry, just message our Customer Success team and they will guide you through and check your case.


Hamed Reply

September 17 2020

Thank you.Method 1 works good


    Tomislav T.

    Replied on November 11 2020

    Hey Hamed. Happy to hear that.

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