15 Best eCommerce Agencies to Consider in 2024 + How to Choose an eCommerce Agency

Having an eCommerce site is one of the most popular ways to make money online. That said, running an online shop requires hard work and dedication. Web development and time management are some of the most common challenges.

Fortunately, business owners can team up with agencies to create and manage their eCommerce stores.

A good agency helps your store stand out from the saturated competition – according to eCommerce statistics, online global retail sales are expected to surge over $7 trillion by 2025.

In this article, we’ll cover the 15 best eCommerce agencies to consider. We’ll also run you through five reasons to work with an eCommerce agency, five signs you need to partner with one, and explain how to choose the perfect agency for your project.

Top 15 eCommerce Agencies

As starting an online store can be overwhelming, hiring an eCommerce agency to help with the launch and development processes is an attractive option. Let’s dive deeper into the 15 top eCommerce agencies.

eCommerce Marketing Agencies

eCommerce marketing companies or agencies help business owners develop digital marketing strategies, including paid advertising, social media, SEO, and email marketing.

Besides eCommerce marketing services, these companies often provide additional assistance in customer relationship management (CRM) and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Like full-service agencies, they enable business owners to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Let’s look at the five best eCommerce marketing agencies to consider.

1. Outsmart Labs

Outsmart Labs' homepage

Outsmart Labs Stats:

  • Best for: business owners looking to collaborate with influencers
  • Services offered: influencer marketing, social media marketing, programmatic advertising
  • Cost: $100-149/hour at a $5,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: LVMH, Corsair International, Hilton Caribbean, Miami Design District

Outsmart Labs is one of the best eCommerce marketing agencies for optimizing social media marketing. It helps scale eCommerce businesses’ brands by implementing influencer marketing, content creation, and programmatic advertising.

Before developing the strategy, Outsmart Labs audits its client’s digital data. Social listening is also among this agency’s tools to learn about the attitude surrounding a business’s industry, enabling it to craft more relevant content.

Business owners can also use Outsmart Labs’ programmatic advertising service. Using the real-time bidding (RTB) model, this eCommerce marketing agency offers more precise contextual ads.

A French airline, Corsair International, worked with Outsmart Labs to achieve its digital marketing goals. Combining social media marketing, influencer marketing, and programmatic advertising, the agency helped the airline get more impressions and clicks.


2. Loud Mouth Media

Loud Mouth Media's homepage

Loud Mouth Media Stats:

  • Best for: business owners looking to take full advantage of Google Ads
  • Services offered: PPC, video marketing, social advertising, search engine optimization
  • Cost: $100-149/hour at a $5,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: GT Omega, BES, Floristry Warehouse, Total Hockey

Loud Mouth Media is an award-winning eCommerce marketing agency and a Google Premier Partner. This agency offers digital marketing services across various disciplines, including paid search, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

No matter how big or small a business is, Loud Mouth Media’s team of experts can help boost its brand recognition and online discoverability. This digital marketing agency is also open to assisting brick-and-mortar stores in starting their journeys online.

Loud Mouth Media uses the customer-focused and data-driven approach to craft a tailored eCommerce marketing strategy.

BES, one of the agency’s clients, successfully increased its PPC revenue by 91% and website traffic by eight times. Loud Mouth Media made it happen by running Google Smart Shopping campaigns with comparison shopping services.


3. Seller Interactive

Seller Interactive's homepage

Seller Interactive Stats:

  • Best for: business owners looking to dominate Amazon
  • Services offered: full Amazon account management, product launch campaigns, listing optimization, wholesale partnership programs
  • Cost: $300/hour at a $5,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Perfect Petzzz, Hair Burst, Quench Co, Woken Coffee, Tribella

If you’re looking for an eCommerce marketing agency to help you thrive on Amazon, Seller Interactive is a great option. This agency specializes in designing tailored digital marketing strategies and branding services for the marketplace.

Seller interactive starts with proposing its initial outline based on what the client’s seller account needs. In this consultation stage, the eCommerce marketing agency will also introduce the total cost for the service.

Going forward, Seller Interactive will proceed with the seller account optimization process. After launching, this agency will monitor the performance and make adjustments when necessary.

Seller Interactive helped Hairburst optimize its listing by improving its copy to focus on the product’s benefits and including social proof. The hair growth vitamins and cosmetics retailer increased its orders from 478 to 908.


4. Lilo Social

Lilo Social's homepage

Lilo Social Stats:

  • Best for: entrepreneurs looking to improve their customer journeys
  • Services offered: creative content marketing, paid media, SMS and email marketing, CRO
  • Cost: $150-199/hour at a $1,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Cheribundi, Bauer, Kjaer Weis, Bearaby, Pez

Lilo Social is among the top eCommerce marketing agencies for customer acquisition and retention. Its full-funnel approach enables the eCommerce agency to develop a digital marketing strategy that smoothens the customer journey.

During the awareness and engagement phase, Lilo Social will help clients establish brand identity, attract potential customers, and generate traffic using a data-driven creative strategy.

In the consideration and intent stage, the eCommerce agency runs targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Then, the acquisition stage is where the CRO strategy plays its part. Besides increasing conversion, this strategy aims to drive repeat traffic and build website authority.

SMS and email marketing, combined with marketing automation, will help nurture the leads through the funnel. Bearaby and Kjaer Weis are two eCommerce brands using Lilo Social’s services to boost awareness and engage potential customers.


5. Major Tom

Major Tom's homepage

Major Tom Stats:

  • Best for: business owners looking for a full-service eCommerce agency
  • Services offered: digital marketing from branding services to social media, content, and paid advertising
  • Cost: $150-199/hour at a $25,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: DoorDash, L’Oreal, Canon, Milk Makeup, COBS Bread

Major Tom is a full-service agency option for larger online stores. Its eCommerce marketing services cover several areas, including brand strategy, social media marketing, content marketing, and PPC.

Major Tom can also help Amazon sellers optimize their accounts and develop a marketing strategy to reach the Chinese audience. On top of everything, Major Tom offers eCommerce development services on Shopify Plus and WordPress.

Milk Makeup is one of Major Tom’s eCommerce makeover projects. Looking to reach new customers and increase its return on ad spend (ROAS), the cosmetics brand teamed up with Major Tom to run Facebook and Instagram ads.

This eCommerce marketing agency successfully yielded incredible results – an 860% year-over-year (YoY) increase in new users to Milk Makeup’s website and a 158% YoY increase in transactions on Facebook and Instagram.


eCommerce SEO Agencies

eCommerce SEO agencies specialize in search engine optimization. Their main goals are to boost an eCommerce store’s ranking on search engines, increase organic traffic, improve domain authority, and grow conversion rates.

Typically, this type of internet marketing agency provides services to create keyword-optimized content, including landing pages, product pages, and blog posts. Let’s look at the five best eCommerce agencies for search engine optimization.

1. The SEO Works

The SEO works

The SEO Works Stats:

  • Best for: business owners looking to improve their overall eCommerce SEO strategies
  • Services offered: organic SEO, local SEO, consultancy, link building, and content marketing
  • Cost: $100-149/hour at a $1,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Ironfish, Easytax, Bitcoin, Kantar Health, Sage Group

The SEO Works aims to help websites, including those in the eCommerce industry, to get on Google’s first page, reach the right audience, and generate more revenue. Opt for its local SEO services if you want your online business to rank on local searches.

This award-winning SEO agency offers link-building services to improve website authority. Don’t worry about strategic content marketing, as this eCommerce SEO agency can help you produce high-quality, keyword-targeted content that answers the search intent.

One of The SEO Works clients, an eCommerce store in the vet and pet care industry, needed an effective SEO campaign to stay ahead of the competition. Its specific focus was to increase revenue from organic traffic.

The SEO Works started the process by auditing the SEO strategy and implementing some initiatives around optimizing industry-related keywords. One of the key results is a jump in traffic, from 20,000 to 200,000 users in a year.


2. Delante

Delante's homepage

Delante Stats:

  • Best for: eCommerce businesses looking to increase conversions and grow sales
  • Services offered: strategic action plan, CRO, technical SEO, search engine optimized content creation, link building
  • Cost: $50-99/hour at a $1,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: SoLovelyBox, Znak, Superloko, Litex Garden, Faretti, Orient Display

Delante offers continuous SEO maintenance to ensure a solid and valuable impact. Its services include strategic action plan development based on extensive SEO audits, complex keyword analysis to boost conversions, and technical SEO to accelerate page indexing.

Despite the saturated eCommerce market and the complexity of online businesses, Delante helps many businesses generate more sales and conversions using its data-driven approach.

One of the agency’s clients, Orient Display, needed a new SEO strategy to expand its reach to the European market. Delante helped the online store by crafting keyword-optimized content, incorporating calls to action and a contact form, and fixing performance issues.

As a result, the LCD eCommerce store achieved a 427% increase in website traffic. It also generated over 500 views on Google after a seven-month intensive SEO implementation.


3. Netrocket

Netrocket's homepage

Netrocket Stats:

  • Best for: eCommerce businesses looking to improve their local SEO
  • Services offered: SEO audit, technical SEO, SEO checklist, GMB optimization
  • Cost: $50-99/hour at a $1,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: numerous eCommerce businesses in various niches, including healthy food, women’s clothing, and kitchen furniture

Netrocket is an excellent digital marketing agency for boosting eCommerce websites’ visibility on local searches. Its Google My Business Optimization services incorporate strong keyword research to ensure a more search engine-friendly GMB profile.

Netrocket also develops SEO checklists for various purposes, including SEO redesign and technical SEO. Don’t worry about getting a generic checklist, as this digital marketing agency ensures a tailored solution for their eCommerce business clients.

A food supplements and healthy food online store reached out to Netrocket to boost its eCommerce website traffic and conversion rates.

The process began with a technical SEO audit. The agency then optimized off-page SEO using link building and GMB reviews. Regarding on-page SEO, Netrocket conducted keyword research, competitor analysis, and internal linking adjustments.

Within two months, the client achieved a 53% increase in traffic and a 56% increase in conversions.


4. Victorious

Victorious' homepage

Victorious Stats:

  • Best for: business owners looking for powerful keyword research services
  • Services offered: keyword research, product page optimization, link building, content marketing services
  • Cost: $100-149/hour at a $1,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: UNIONBAY, Lychee The Label, Gema & Co, Felix Grey

Victorious offers a wide array of search engine optimization services. In the eCommerce business industry, this agency provides SEO services for various eCommerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce.

Victorious offers customized SEO services with ROI-obsessed keyword research based on various eCommerce business verticals, like fashion and travel. This eCommerce agency also provides SEO service packages for enterprises, small businesses, white labels, and resellers.

One of Victorious’ success stories comes from a women’s streetwear retailer, Lychee The Label. The eCommerce store struggled with brand recognition and wanted to increase its monthly revenue.

Victorious implemented its strong keyword research technique to optimize content and achieve its goals. In seven months, Lychee The Label acquired the number one ranking for the Asian Streetwear keyword and a 214% YoY increase in its monthly revenue.


5. Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon's homepage

Pearl Lemon Stats:

  • Best for: eCommerce marketplace search engine optimization
  • Services offered: Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Walmart SEO
  • Cost: $50-99/hour at a $1,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Astteria, City Sprint, Clad Home, Moxie Lash, Selfie Booth

Pearl Lemon provides SEO services for stand-alone eCommerce websites and those hosted on marketplaces. In other words, from BigCommerce and Shopify to Etsy, Amazon, and Walmart, Pearl Lemon has the perfect SEO service for your eCommerce business.

Generally, this digital marketing agency carries out four steps in creating an excellent SEO service. It starts with analyzing the online store performance metrics, marketing campaigns, sales management process, and user experience.

Pearl Lemon will then set the goals and develop the SEO plan. In the final stage, the SEO agency will implement the agreed strategy and give progress reports to keep the clients updated.

In its Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon SEO case study, Pearl Lemon successfully helped the client to improve its Etsy revenue to $59,000 in the first 30 days. The agency then made several adjustments to improve eBay and Amazon’s SEO strategies.


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eCommerce Development Agencies

eCommerce development agencies help business owners create custom online shops from scratch or through an eCommerce platform. Some top eCommerce agencies also offer development services in a headless environment.

Generally, such agencies focus on improving user experience by creating an intuitive design. They will also consider the eCommerce companies’ brand messages when designing the website or app. Let’s review five eCommerce development agencies to help with your decision.

1. Elogic Commerce

Elogic Commerce's homepage

Elogic Commerce Stats:

  • Best for: Adobe Commerce eCommerce store development
  • Services offered: eCommerce development on Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Cost: $50-99/hour at a $50,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Glassmania, Carbon 38, CLÉ, Whola, Roller Rabbit, Joie, Amsale

Elogic Commerce offers online store development services on Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. As a client, you can choose from the agency’s three engineering team solutions – full-time team, dedicated developers, and part-time contributors.

Elogic Commerce’s web development projects are mainly on Adobe Commerce, formerly Magento. Due to its proven track record, this eCommerce development agency is a great choice for business owners looking to build their online stores using the platform.

A project example comes from a designer bridal brand, Amsale. Elogic Commerce helped it go online by developing an eCommerce website on Adobe Commerce.

Besides the front-end and back-end development, the agency integrated appointment scheduling and Zoho CRM. As a result, Amsale successfully reached a wider audience and generated over 130 fitting appointments within the first month.


2. Mobikasa

Mobikasa's homepage

Mobikasa Stats:

  • Best for: business owners looking for an eCommerce app development service
  • Services offered: UI/UX design, eCommerce web development, and app development
  • Cost: $25-49/hour at a $10,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Nokia, Versace, Maurice Lacroix, Mavi Jeans, Holland and Sherry

Mobikasa, offering eCommerce development on popular platforms, is also an excellent option if you’re looking for mobile commerce app development services on iOs or Android.

The five-stage mobile app development process starts with discussions. Business owners and agency representatives will work together to decide on the features and integration possibilities.

Utilizing a project management board, the creative and development team will start working on their parts to create a functional eCommerce app. The agency will update the progress through a daily or weekly status report.

Mobikasa assisted the designer brand Versace in developing an enterprise app. The eCommerce agency focuses on building a user-friendly, visually appealing iOS Versace app that caters to clients’ needs.


3. VT Labs

VT Labs' homepage

VT Labs Stats:

  • Best for: business owners looking for headless Commerce development services
  • Services offered: headless commerce, custom stores, custom apps, progressive web apps development on Shopify as well as migration services
  • Cost: $50-99/hour at a $10,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Greek Flavours, Fête Impériale, Minori, Green Rascal, Ten Thousand

VT Labs offers development services on multiple eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce and Adobe Commerce. On top of that, this agency provides great Shopify headless commerce development services.

The headless environment, an excellent solution for enhancing agility and adaptability, enables business owners to create their own set of features to support their eCommerce growth.

Greek Flavours is one of VT Labs’ Shopify headless projects.

The eCommerce agency redesigned Greek Flavor’s website using Gatsby, React, Prismic API, and Node.js. It also integrated third-party software, Zendesk and Klaviyo, to help with customer relationship management.

Greek Flavours successfully improves its user experience, site speed, and average order value.



UPQODE's homepage


  • Best for: eCommerce companies looking for custom web design
  • Services offered: eCommerce website development and corporate website design
  • Cost: $100-149/hour at a $5,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: Free Living Home, Floreal, Gardenshop, ClayFingers, FitRideLabs

UPQODE, an award-winning custom web design and digital marketing agency, offers two general services for eCommerce companies – website development and corporate site design.

Besides ensuring responsiveness across devices, the eCommerce web development solution includes robust security, SEO services, and CRO implementation. If you want to use Shopify as your eCommerce platform, this web development service is a great option.

The corporate website design service includes consultation, wireframing, quality assurance, and maintenance for eCommerce sites hosted on WordPress. Don’t worry about page speed, as UPQODE optimizes images and code, ensuring excellent page load time.

One of UPQODE’s success stories comes from Sew Sketchy. For three months, the eCommerce agency worked on the artist’s eCommerce web design. The business goals were to attract more customers and boost business growth.

To achieve them, UPQODE developed an intuitive storefront and fast checkout process for a smooth shopping experience. Design-wise, this full-service digital agency went for the clean, minimalist style with pink accents to highlight the artist’s feminine side.


5. Lit Studio

Lit Studio's homepage

Lit Studio Stats:

  • Best for: business owners looking to build interactive eCommerce websites
  • Services offered: eCommerce website design and development, art direction services, animation and visual effects
  • Cost: $25-49/hour at a $5,000 minimum project size
  • Clients: ELEV8, Dub Saq, The FreeB, OncoDerm

Lit Studio specializes in web design, development, and art direction. Combining these services, the agency can help business owners build custom eCommerce websites with a strong brand message.

If you’re looking to integrate animation and visual effects to boost your site’s interactivity, Lit Studio is an excellent option.

OncoDerm, one of Lit Studio’s clients, wanted to build an eCommerce platform with telemedicine integration. Starting with user experience research, the agency then planned the art direction, interface design, and website development.


Why Work With an eCommerce Agency

Whether you’re looking for eCommerce marketing services or developing a custom online store, working with the best eCommerce digital agency is an efficient solution for any business type and size.

Besides saving time, here are five other reasons to consider working with an eCommerce agency.

Get Faster Results

As a client’s success will also be the agency’s success, delivering results is an eCommerce agency’s priority. Full-service eCommerce agencies offer 360-degree assistance, ensuring intensive business performance monitoring.

Top eCommerce agencies employ a team of experts and utilize the latest technology stacks. Furthermore, they offer the best service quality for their clients by setting clear metrics, reporting on the eCommerce KPIs, and documenting every process.

Consequently, business owners can expect faster results as the agency team has the insights needed and will work towards them to optimize the effort.

Expand Brand Reach

An eCommerce marketing company helps businesses optimize their strategy in each marketing funnel stage. For new eCommerce stores, the awareness phase is crucial as it’s where they’ll work on building and improving brand recognition.

From digital advertising to social media management and email marketing, eCommerce marketing companies will implement the best strategy to make a business stand out. This helps boost brand awareness and expand a business’s reach in a shorter period.

Drive More Traffic

Besides reaching a wider audience, full-service eCommerce agencies may offer a search engine optimized digital marketing solution.

Regarding SEO, top eCommerce marketing agencies will prioritize creating valuable content that answers the user search intent. While the primary aim is driving more traffic to your online store, this strategy also helps improve the eCommerce site’s domain authority (DA).

The higher the DA, the more likely other websites to link to your content and the higher your traffic will be.

Generate Quality Leads

eCommerce agencies have the resources, tools, and strategies to generate quality leads. They can help business owners in the preliminary research process, which involves developing customer persona and understanding the business’s general marketing funnel.

On top of everything, business owners can specifically hire eCommerce marketing agencies specializing in lead generation.

Gain Better ROI

Working with an eCommerce agency is an investment with high returns. It helps businesses minimize hidden costs of running an eCommerce store, like website costs, software licenses, patent fees, and recurring tool subscription costs.

Moreover, digital marketing agencies can help in-house teams become more efficient. Agencies help with reprioritizing so your team can focus on critical tasks, preventing burnout.

While eCommerce services can be expensive, business owners can often negotiate an affordable agreement. Consider your business goals and the services offered by the eCommerce marketing company to find the most suitable solution for your project.

When to Partner With an eCommerce Agency

If you’re still unsure about partnering with an eCommerce agency, here are five reasons to consider.

New Product Launches

Successful product launches require careful planning. Business owners should also optimize the short period, as product launch campaigns last only a few days. Failing to take advantage of this momentum means fewer conversions.

Hiring an eCommerce digital marketing agency helps ensure the best possible outcome. Silk Active, a silk skin care product company, worked with an agency to launch its products. The eCommerce agency helps pave the way for various distribution opportunities across the EU.

Declining Sales

If you’ve been struggling with declining sales or leads, it’s time to perform an evaluation. This process helps identify areas that may need improvement, for example, landing pages, product pages, checkout flows, and campaign strategies.

A full-service eCommerce agency often offers consultation and audit services.

With an eCommerce consultant, you can have a productive discussion to find the best possible way to remedy the situation. An eCommerce audit provides necessary data and insights, helping business owners to make better-informed decisions.

Lack of Skills

A lack of human resources is one of the most common problems in starting an online business. During the early stage, small businesses may only have a short list of employees. Business owners may also perform all tasks themselves.

On the other hand, every aspect of running an eCommerce website, from design and development to branding, digital marketing, and SEO, requires particular skill sets.

So if you already have someone to take care of the social media management, you’ll still need someone to handle the email marketing campaign, even though both fall in the marketing scope.

For this, outsourcing some tasks to an eCommerce agency is a smart move. This enables business owners to get broad talents to support their business’s operations and put their attention to the more critical tasks.

Not Enough Time

Business owners have a lot to manage, from planning to production, marketing, and providing customer support. While busyness is often a good sign that your company is growing, too many late-night work sessions will negatively impact your productivity.

Having too much responsibility is also exhausting. While you focus on hand-crafting your products to perfection, your social media and business blog may get neglected. So if you struggle to make room for your marketing campaigns, it’s time to consider hiring an agency to perform the tasks.

Entering a New Market

As your business grows, you may want to expand its reach by breaking into a new market.

Unsurprisingly, entering a new market requires careful planning as it comes with various challenges. Some of the most common are preferred communication channels, payment methods of choice, cultural differences, and regulatory barriers.

This is where an eCommerce marketing company can help. For example, if you want to expand to the international market, an eCommerce agency can help set up a globalization strategy.

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Agency

To help you choose the best eCommerce agency that supports your eCommerce growth, let’s look at the six determining factors.

1. Check Offered Skills

Many eCommerce agencies offer an all-in-one service. However, you can also find those providing services for specific fields, like marketing and website development. To ensure you hire the right agency for your eCommerce business, check its offered skills beforehand.

A full-service company can help you develop marketing strategies, design the user interface, and optimize the site’s performance. It’s great if you need help with various aspects of your eCommerce shop, so you won’t have to juggle between agencies to get the work done.

A specialist agency equipped with a deeper level of technical know-how excels in its field. For example, opt for a development agency to help with eCommerce development, landing page redesign, or business rebranding.

2. Align With Your Business Goals

Identifying the goals is a vital step when choosing an agency. Aside from helping you decide if you need a full-service or a specialist one, it also helps narrow down your choice for which specialist agencies best suit your needs. Some of the most popular goals are:

  • Improving brand awareness.
  • Expanding the online store’s reach.
  • Boosting search rankings.
  • Generating more organic traffic.
  • Enhancing the user experience.

If you need assistance in all of the above areas, a full-service eCommerce agency is a good option. An SEO agency is the way to go if you need help with ranking and organic traffic.

3. Look for a Solid Portfolio

An eCommerce agency may provide its potential clients with portfolios or case studies.

However, you may find eCommerce agencies that don’t include detailed information about what strategies they implemented and what the clients achieved. In this case, you may want to find an alternative.

4. Evaluate an Agency’s Client Success

Once you’ve found an agency with a solid portfolio, study it in detail. A portfolio provides insights into the agency’s clients and what the company can help you with.

Studying an agency’s clients can tell you if it has experience helping eCommerce stores like yours. Regarding assistance, reviewing an agency’s portfolio enables you to choose the right eCommerce agency for your business goals.

For example, you may find that a specific SEO agency helps its clients boost their ranking and organic traffic. Meanwhile, another notable SEO agency was exceptionally helpful in improving its clients’ Core Web Vitals.

5. Seek Out Proactive Communication

The next step is to schedule a meeting with your chosen eCommerce agency for a better view of it. You can fill out its contact form or request a free consultation. As good communication is important to ensure ROI, here are some question examples to ask the agency:

  1. What tools do you utilize?
  2. What metrics and KPIs do you track?
  3. How often will the reporting be?
  4. When can I expect to see results?
  5. How do you develop the timeline?
  6. Who will I collaborate with?
  7. What will you need from me?

Besides streamlining your process, the above questions help business owners assess if an agency is well-organized and well-equipped with the necessary tools.

6. Match Your Budget

As most agencies tailor their services around the client’s goals, they may not have a pricing page where you can learn about their service packages. Therefore, ask your chosen agency about the estimated cost for your project.

To ensure high ROI, you must know first how much you’re willing to spend. Here are several factors to consider to help you estimate the budget:

  • Typical cost for a similar project.
  • Project’s timeline.
  • Project’s complexity.
  • Industry’s competitiveness.
  • Content creation and any art direction-related services.
  • eCommerce store’s current rankings and technical state.

Finally, research the eCommerce agencies’ price ranges and eliminate those you cannot afford.

Important! Refrain from an eCommerce digital agency offering a fixed pricing sheet. We recommend looking for one that works towards delivering tailored services around your goals.


Hiring an eCommerce agency eases your online shop management. It can help you with various tasks, from launching to marketing and tracking.

Throughout this article, we’ve shared the 15 best eCommerce agencies to consider. We categorize them into three:

  • eCommerce marketing agencies – offer various marketing services, including social media, email, and content marketing. Some of the best examples are Outsmart Labs, Loud Mouth Media, Seller Interactive, Lilo Social, and Major Tom.
  • eCommerce SEO agencies – focus on implementing strategies that can help boost search rankings, organic traffic, and organic conversions. The best agencies include The SEO Works, Delante, Netrocket, Victorious, and Pearl Lemon.
  • eCommerce development agencies – work on web design and development to improve user experience. We recommend Elogic Commerce, Mobikasa, VT Labs, UPQODE, and Lit Studio.

Be sure to consider your goals before picking an agency. Factors like offered skills, portfolios, communication style, and budget, are also important to think about.

We hope this article helps you find the best agency for your goals. If you still have any questions or want to share your experience with an eCommerce digital agency, feel free to leave us a comment.

eCommerce Agency FAQ

This section answers three of the most frequently asked questions regarding eCommerce agencies.

What Is an eCommerce Agency?

eCommerce agencies, full-service or specialist, provide services that support a brand’s growth. When it comes to specialist agencies, three of the most common fields are marketing, SEO, and development. 

What to Look For in an eCommerce Agency?

Several factors to consider when choosing an eCommerce agency include the client’s success stories, expertise, effective communication, and cost. Also, consider your business goals and see if the agency can cater to them.

How Much Does an eCommerce Agency Typically Charge?

On average, hiring an eCommerce agency costs between $50300/hour. Remember to check if an agency applies the minimum project size charge.

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