What Is eCommerce – Video Guide

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In this video, you will learn in detail what is eCommerce and its main benefits.

eCommerce is a popular way to make money online by selling goods or services. Having an eCommerce website brings several benefits, including:

  • Global market reach. Increase sales by expanding your target audience.
  • Open 24/7. Your shop is always available for clients.
  • Low cost. There is no need to build or rent a physical store.
  • Easier management. Automate inventory management and simplify operational processes.

In addition, this tutorial also explains the four main eCommerce business models, making it easier to start your online store.

The author

Viktorija V.

Viktorija started her journey at Hostinger as an Online Reputation specialist. As her knowledge and passion for website creation and helping others boomed, she grew as a professional from assisting people in the comments to tutoring others and sharing the secrets that she learned as a Video Content Creator at Hostinger Academy.