How to Set Up Email in Mozilla Thunderbird

This tutorial will provide steps to complete Mozilla Thunderbird email setup. As an example, we’ll be using a mailbox created on Hostinger.

Overall, using an email client is an effective way to manage several mailboxes at once. It’s especially useful for keeping things organized. One of such clients is Mozilla Thunderbird. It is an open-source and free email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It launched in 2004 and became a popular email management platform alongside Outlook and Gmail.

Without further ado, let’s jump to the Mozilla Thunder email setup process.

Step 1 – Collect IMAP, POP3, and SMTP details

First of all, you’ll need the email details. In this example, we will use IMAP for incoming mail and SMTP for outgoing mail. You can also use POP3 instead of IMAP for incoming mail. To learn the difference between these three mail protocols, check out this tutorial.

Security is also important. To keep your data and letters confidential, we only allow using secure mail ports. Let’s quickly overview how to find these details on the Hostinger panel and cPanel web hosting platforms. The ingredients that we will look for are:

  • Incoming mail port and hostname
  • Outgoing mail port and hostname
  • Email account username and password

Step 1.1 – Mail client configuration in Hostinger panel

To find the email settings, navigate to Email Accounts section in the web hosting control panel.


You can create new email accounts there and find all the info to complete Mozilla Thunderbird email setup.


Leave this windows open as you’ll need to enter these values in the Mozilla Thunderbird client.

Step 1.2 – Mail client configuration in cPanel

To find the mail port and hostname values, navigate to Email Account section.


Then, click the Set Up Mail Client selection near the mailbox that you wish to use with Thunderbird.


You’ll be prompted with the settings to complete Mozilla Thunderbird email setup. To keep everything secure and confidential, we recommend using the Secure SSL/TLS configuration.


Now that we have all the information, we can proceed to set up the Thunderbird mail client.

Step 2 – Set up Email in Mozilla Thunderbird

Open your Mozilla Thunderbird email client. Then click the Email button under the Create a new account section.


On the prompted windows, select Skip this use my existing email.


To begin, you will need to enter the basic details.


  • Your name: Enter the name which you want to display to your recipients.
  • Email address: Put the mailbox address created on Hostinger
  • Password: Input the password of your email account

Once you proceed, you’ll need to check the advanced settings. You need to make sure they match the values located in step one of this thunder email setup guide. It should look similar to this:


  • Incoming: Provide your incoming mail server details here. Since we’re using IMAP, the port will be 993.
  • Outgoing: Enter your outgoing mail server details. The secure SMTP port on Hostinger is 587.
  • Username: Both the incoming and outgoing usernames should have your mailbox address.

That’s it! You have successfully configured an email account with a Mozilla Thunderbird client. You can add the rest of your inboxes to keep everything neat and organized.

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