Top 11 Resume Website Template Examples For Online CVs in 2024

Top 11 Resume Website Template Examples For Online CVs in 2024

A good resume website can help you stand out from the competition and make a positive impression on potential employers. Professional personal portfolio websites highlight your strengths and past experience, making it easier for recruiters to see how you would fit their organizations.

This article will discuss the top resume website templates you can use to build a professional online CV. You’ll also get a quick guide on how to make a website for your resume with Hostinger Website Builder.

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11 Best Resume Website Template Options

If you’re using Hostinger Website Builder and want to learn how to design a website, these top resume website templates are a good starting point for inspiration. They offer a range of features and styles to fit your career goals while being mobile-responsive and fully customizable.

1. Brooke

Brooke resume website template

This resume website template stands out with its minimalist design. The design uses generous empty space to accentuate key elements, such as photos and text sections, optimizing the visitor’s focus on your qualifications and skills.

With its clean, no-nonsense approach, this resume website template is perfect for individuals aiming to present their experience in a focused and uncluttered manner.

The vertical layout is tailored to funnel attention toward your career history and desired job roles, making it a top choice for those with a clear career path. The Brooke resume template is especially effective for anyone wanting to impress recruiters by getting straight to the point.

2. Julian Mack

Julian Mack resume website template

This resume website example is a versatile CV template suitable for professionals looking to showcase their professional experience. The layout is designed to display your strengths and work experience, making it one of the go-to resume themes for job seekers.

This theme includes a section for education and awards on the homepage, streamlining the process for hiring managers to assess your qualifications. The Julian Mack website template is also a fully responsive resume design, ensuring the site looks good on any device.

A standout feature of this CV website is the testimonial section. Adding testimonials and references to your site boosts your credibility significantly, helping you impress potential clients or employers.

This site also features a working contact form, encouraging those browsing to get in touch. This is an essential element for networking, making it easy for a potential employer to reach out.

3. Mikaela Fohr

Mikaela Fohr resume website template

The Mikaela Fohr resume template is easily adaptable, making it one of the go-to resume website templates for niche roles like sports coaches and trainers.

This visual CV is divided into four essential sections: Home, About, Pricing, and Contact. The Home section serves as your brief introduction, perfect for capturing people’s attention. The About section gives a more in-depth demonstration of your background and skills.

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The Pricing area is designed for service providers, transparently listing what you charge for your services. You can easily customize this page with the drag-and-drop page builder to feature your creative portfolio or case studies highlighting past projects.

The Contact section is simple, featuring a contact form, making it easy for recruiters to get in touch. By default, this web-ready CV includes your contact information and social media links in the footer, but you could also include them at the top of the Contact page.

A standout feature is the two call-to-action (CTA) buttons on the homepage, strategically placed to encourage visitor engagement. CTAs are crucial for driving interactions and creating effective website design.

4. Robert Nyton

Robert Nyton resume website template

This resume template is tailored for web designers but is versatile enough to work for other creative fields. As a one-page website, the main focus is on your portfolio and past work.

For creative professionals like designers, artists, and photographers, a resume website should focus on showcasing your work. Unlike a traditional CV resume, a portfolio website lets you display your projects visually, giving potential clients or employers a direct look at what you can do. This is especially crucial in creative fields where your portfolio often carries as much weight as your work experience and education.

One-page websites, like this Nyton resume template, offer a streamlined experience that’s easy to navigate, allowing people to scroll through your information. This focused layout helps you prioritize key content, making it more digestible for the reader and improving your user experience (UX) design.

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5. Kerr

Kerr resume website template

The Kerr resume template shows how professionals like marketing consultants can showcase their work in a detailed manner, making it easier to convey your skills to clients or hiring managers.

Unlike single-page layouts, the Kerr website template has individual pages dedicated to specific projects, providing a more in-depth look at your accomplishments.

Each project becomes a case study, allowing you to narrate the journey from inception to completion. This adds depth to your portfolio and provides readers with valuable context. You also demonstrate your problem-solving and strategic planning abilities by outlining and navigating the challenges faced during the projects.

Including a results section on each project page allows you to measure your success, be it in terms of user engagement, sales, or other KPIs. This helps to demonstrate your expertise and value to a new organization.

6. Oving Wilson

Ovin Wilson resume website template

One of the standout features of the Oving resume template is its focus on showcasing the coach through high-quality pictures.

Professional photos create a strong first impression and add a layer of credibility to your online presence. These images signal that you take your career and services seriously as well as help establish a personal connection with your audience, making you more relatable and approachable.

Well-chosen photos help convey your expertise and personality, allowing you to connect more deeply with your audience. This is particularly important for roles like coaching, where trust and relatability are key factors in attracting and retaining clients.

7. Adrianna

Adrianna website template

The Adrianna resume website template is an excellent choice for those looking to centralize their online activities. The Linktree-style layout of this resume template encourages quick visitor engagement by minimizing distractions on the page.

This type of resume is a simplified, single-page website that serves as a centralized hub for all your online activities. The page provides quick links to your portfolio, social media profiles, articles, or any other platforms that are relevant to your expertise.

Limiting choices makes it easier for visitors to find what interests them. The straightforward layout also encourages immediate action, be it visiting a portfolio or downloading an eBook.

This resume template is particularly useful for individuals who wish to display multiple projects or platforms without overwhelming the visitor. Freelancers, content creators, and multi-disciplinary professionals can find this format highly beneficial.

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8. Brady

Brady template

As website templates go, Brady is a good example of how to tailor your online resume to fit the specific qualities and needs of your desired role or field.

A good digital resume allows you to spotlight the skills most relevant to your desired position. This targeted approach ensures that you capture the attention of the right recruiters who value these specific skill sets. In this example, separate sections for skills and tools make it easy for readers to understand your expertise.

Showcasing awards or other public merits provides social proof of your expertise. This can be a good way to stand out from the job-seeking crowd. If possible, link to external sites or publications to add credibility.

9. Reese

Reese template

Stylish online resumes often stand out through thoughtful design choices. The Reese theme has a soft pastel pink and peach color scheme that immediately creates a calming and approachable atmosphere. This choice of color can be particularly beneficial for professionals looking to present themselves as easy to work with.

Using whitespace also complements the color scheme, contributing to a clean and organized feel. Whitespace makes the content easier to digest and strategically directs browsers’ attention to key sections of the online portfolio, such as the work experience, certification, and education sections.

Another aspect of this unique design is the emojis in the main headings. These emojis serve as subtle yet effective tools for making your site more engaging and relatable.

10. Adelina

Adelina template

Creative resume templates should be an extension of your own brand.

The Adelina template demonstrates how to create an impressive online CV by blending your own designs and icons with on-page animations.

Using original illustrations in the background adds a layer of personal branding to your website. This particularly benefits creatives who want to stand out in a crowded marketplace. It’s a way to demonstrate your craft while also making your online presence distinctively yours.

Unique icons and small on-page animations add an interactive element to your website. These features engage the visitor and make the browsing experience more enjoyable. They can also serve as visual cues, guiding visitors’ attention to important sections or information.

Layering text over illustrations in the hero section also adds depth and visual interest. Consider familiarising yourself with the best web design practices to create a unique browsing experience for your website.

11. Felicity

Felicity template

The Felicity CV website is specifically tailored for graphic designers. The alternating page layout is used here to break the monotony of a traditional, linear site design.

An alternating website layout guides the visitor’s eye in a more natural, zigzag pattern, which is how people naturally read. This results in a more comfortable and engaging user experience.

This layout lets you show different aspects of your experience and projects, making your site more dynamic and comprehensive. This is particularly important for graphic designers whose work thrives on visual impact.

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How to Make a Resume Website

Building a resume website can elevate your professional profile, and setting up one is easy. Here’s how to get started with Hostinger Website Builder:

Select a Resume Template

The first step is choosing a good template that aligns with your career goals. Resume templates can vary from minimalist designs to more elaborate layouts, so pick one that represents you best.

Register a Domain Name

Purchase a domain name that is easy to remember and spell. Your own name is often the best choice, but if it’s already taken, consider adding your field or specialization. For example,

Domain Name Checker

Instantly check domain name availability.

Customize Your Site

After selecting a template, it’s time to make it your own. Customize the pages with essential sections like your career history, achievements, and examples of prior work. An online resume builder that offers drag-and-drop features to make this process fast and straightforward.

Mobile Optimization

Ensure the template you’ve selected will make your website mobile-friendly. A significant portion of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so you’ll want to ensure your resume website looks good and functions well on smartphones and tablets.

Luckily, all of Hostinger’s templates are mobile-ready by default, and changing between the desktop and mobile editors is simple.

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Creating an online resume isn’t just for web developers or digital professionals – it’s essential for anyone looking to stand out. This is because online resumes display your achievements and work experience more thoroughly than a traditional portfolio or resume.

After reviewing the 11 best resume website template options Hostinger Website Builder offers, here is our final recommendation:

  • Brooke – excellent for minimalist design sites.
  • Mikaela Fohr — great for niche roles, like sport coaches and trainers.
  • Adelina – ideal for interactive CV websites, especially for web designers looking to establish their personal brand.

Remember that an online resume is more than just an online CV – it is your personal brand that will help you make yourself more trustworthy and memorable in your industry. Good luck!

Resume Website Template FAQ

Find answers to some of the most frequent questions about online CV templates.

What Are the Benefits of Using a CV Template as My Personal Website?

Using a portfolio and CV template for your personal website enables you to showcase your skills and experience in a professional manner. These templates often come with pre-designed page layouts and features like contact forms, making it easier for people to reach out to you.

How Do Responsive Resume Templates Work on Mobile Devices?

Responsive website templates are designed to adapt to various screen sizes, ensuring your online portfolio looks great on mobile devices. This is crucial for accessibility, as many recruiters may access your site from their smartphones.

Can I Customize Professional Website Templates?

Yes, most professional website templates have a built-in page builder that allows you to customize various elements of your site, like adding a video background to your homepage. This means you can edit the template to fit your unique needs.

What Should I Include in the Contact Form of My Online Portfolio?

A well-designed contact form should make it easy for hiring managers to get in touch with you. Include fields for their name, email, and a message box where they can describe their needs or inquiries. Consider also linking to your LinkedIn profile on your site.

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