What Is Web Hosting – Explainer Video

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Every website needs web hosting to go online and be available to the public. Web hosting is a service that provides space on a server to store all your website files.

In this video, we will discuss some of the most popular web hosting options: 

  • Shared hosting. Share a server and its resources with other users. 
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. It provides a virtual partition of the server and dedicated resources for each user. 
  • Cloud hosting. It hosts your files on a group of servers. 
  • Dedicated hosting. Get a whole server for your website. 

Find out more about the right web hosting type for your website in this Hostinger Academy video.

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Viktorija V.

Viktorija started her journey at Hostinger as an Online Reputation specialist. As her knowledge and passion for website creation and helping others boomed, she grew as a professional from assisting people in the comments to tutoring others and sharing the secrets that she learned as a Video Content Creator at Hostinger Academy.