25 Weird Websites: Explore the Strange and Unusual Sites of 2024

Weird websites stand out by deviating from the norm. Some consider them odd, while others praise them for showcasing the internet’s potential for boundless creativity.

Due to their uniqueness, weird websites are great for making a lasting impression. If you want to create a website that captivates users, this article can be your source of inspiration.

In this article, we’ll explore 25 weird websites that inspire and entertain. Discover what makes a website weird and learn about creative website ideas that make your brand unforgettable.

Top 25 Weird Websites

Check out our selection of the 25 weirdest websites that offer unconventional designs, content, and online experiences. Whether you’re seeking fresh inspiration or a distraction from boredom, this weird websites list is definitely worth exploring.

1. Endless Horse

Endless Horse weird website

This weird website is self-explanatory. It features a horse with never-ending legs, or as long as you dare to scroll down. There are no links, credits, share buttons, or even context. All the website does is tempt you to test out just how long the horse’s legs are.

Besides its bizarre content, the website also has a catchy custom domain name. Check our guide for tips on choosing a domain name.

2. Falling Falling

Falling Falling weird website

Falling Falling is one of the strangest websites with oddly relaxing visuals. The walls of colors collapse one after the other, changing shades as they approach the bottom of the computer screen. An unsettling sound plays when you click on the page, completing the odd experience.

3. Paper Toilet

Paper Toilet weird website

This eccentric website allows bored internet users to experience what it’s like to be a cat in a bathroom, pulling at a roll of toilet paper and watching the rest fall into the abyss. Unlike Endless Horse, Paper Toilet has an end.

Interestingly, you can only refill the toilet paper by opening the page in an incognito window.

4. Is It Christmas?

Is It Christmas? weird website

If you’re wondering whether it’s Christmas Day but don’t have access to a calendar, there’s a weird website you can visit to check. True to its name, this site changes its display only once every 365 days.

You can build a similar website with WordPress. This popular content management system has many calendar plugins with countdown functionality. Leverage our WordPress hosting plans’ 30-day money-back guarantee to test your own countdown page.

5. Zombo.com

Zombo.com weird website

Zombo.com is one of the weirdest websites on the internet due to its unique web content. 

Created as a joke by students of George Washington University, Zombo.com displays its name in big, colorful letters. The site also plays an audio clip that promotes itself and mixes motivational quotes.

This weird site runs on HTML5, replacing Adobe Flash Player after being discontinued. See our tutorials to learn more about HTML and how it works.

6. Electric Boogie-Woogie

Electric Boogie-Woogie weird website

This quirky website showcases the animated version of Piet Mondrian’s art piece “Broadway Boogie Woogie”. It stands out as one of the most unique online projects that solely dedicates itself to paying tribute to the original painting.

7. Koala to the Max

Koala to the Max weird website

When accessing this site, you’ll see a large circle in the center. As you move your cursor over it, the circle splits into four. 

The site’s purpose might be to demonstrate how division works, but it also offers entertainment value. Have fun seeing how many circles you can create by going mouse-hover crazy!

8. That’s The Finger

That's The Finger weird website

Hover your cursor over the image to give yourself the finger, or send the link to someone else on X as a cheeky message. This site captures today’s often bizarre online experience.

9. Cat Bounce

Cat Bounce weird website

As the name implies, this funny website entertains visitors with pictures of bouncing kittens. You can drag and launch the kittens to alter their paths or keep them moving.

Clicking on the Special Message button reveals that the site was designed to support cat rescue fundraisers. Visitors can also join its mailing list for more cat-related content or share the website link on X to spread the word.

10. RGB

RGB weird website

RGB stands for red, green, and blue. If it’s not clear enough, hover over each letter on the site. The background will change to the respective color while a robotic voice continuously pronounces it. This quirky website is great for teaching the RGB color model or confusing someone.

11. Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt weird website

Zoomquilt evokes the mesmerizing effect of the classic Windows 3D Maze screensaver. It continuously zooms into the center of the page, revealing fantasy-like scenes within scenes.

Comparing it to the Windows screensaver is appropriate because you can download Zoomquilt’s visuals as a screensaver or live wallpaper. Clicking on the page reveals a sidebar with a download button and credits. This sidebar also lets you adjust the zoom speed and explore other visuals with the same hypnotic experience.

12. You Should Have Seen This

You Should Have Seen This weird website

Visit this website if you want to explore some of the most iconic internet oddities. Browse through its collection of memes, funny videos, and random events from the 2000s, and see how many you recognize or remember.

Inspect the website’s elements using your browser’s Inspect tool to find a cheeky Easter Egg left by its creator.

13. Please Like

Please Like weird website

Despite having zero content, this weird site has collected over 17,000 likes on Facebook. If you want to contribute to that number, sign in to your account and hit the Like button.

The whimsical web experiment shows that you can boost social media engagement by just having a website. See our guide on adding social media icons in WordPress and the best social media plugins to ease the integration process.

14. Ever Dream This Man?

Ever Dream This Man? weird website

Unlike many weird websites on this list, Ever Dream This Man? has an unusual goal. It aims to spread awareness of an internet myth that has been appearing in people’s dreams since 2006. The site has multiple unique webpages covering the phenomenon’s history, theories, and even fan art.

We consider this site weird due to its content. However, it can also be an excellent website design inspiration for displaying information in a visually appealing way, leaving a strong impression on your audience.

15. The Useless Web

Useless Web weird website

Clicking on the Please button will redirect you to another “useless” yet amusing site on the internet. It never recommends the same site twice, so you’ll get to explore a new, unique website every time.

During our test, the site recommended fun games like mazes, peg solitaire, and puzzles. One random website we encountered advertises bizarre products for sale, including a tortilla blanket and a farting animal coloring book. We also stumbled on a site showcasing books with odd titles ‒ our personal favorite being “Fifty Shades of Chicken.”

You can easily build a website like this one with our intuitive web builder. Drag and drop a button element onto your site and customize it to your liking. Alternatively, tell the AI the kind of site you want and let the tool do the work for you.

16. Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer weird website

Pointer Pointer is another website that is solely for entertainment purposes. Place your cursor anywhere on the page, and the background image will change to a photo of someone pointing directly at it. Move the cursor to shuffle a new image.

The random, often funny images were so captivating that we found ourselves spending more time on the site than planned. We called it a day after coming across a photo of a blurry finger pointing at a tiny moon.

17. The Pug In A Rug

The Pug In A Rug weird website

This strange yet funny site is for those who open dozens or hundreds of browser tabs and never close them. Open it in the background and aim for the highest rank you can achieve. We were stuck at the “Acolyte of Pug” ranking before closing the tab.

Click on the YouTube link to see the site’s development process, and hit the X icon to share your love for the pug with others.

18. Staggering Beauty (Warning: Flashing Lights)

Staggering Beauty weird website

Here’s another funny website that relies on your cursor’s movement. Start by moving your cursor slowly across the screen, then go wild with it. We’re not sure if the creature is a worm or an eel, but it does know how to party.

As stated on the page, the animation contains flashing images that can trigger seizures. Keep this fact in mind when embedding it on websites as an iFrame. You can get the iFrame code by clicking on the Embed menu.

19. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! weird website

Quick, Draw! leverages artificial intelligence to create a fun doodling game. It gives you a prompt to draw something while the neural network tries to guess your doodle within 20 seconds.

Besides offering one of the most out-of-the-ordinary online experiences, this experiment contributes to machine learning research. You’ll be able to keep yourself entertained while helping advance technology.

20. Patience Is a Virtue

Patience Is a Virtue weird website

This is one of the weirdest websites on the internet designed to troll visitors. As the name suggests, the bizarre website shows a loading screen with text that changes the longer you leave the tab open. 

Despite appearing endless, it’s an actual loading screen for cheeky content that we won’t spoil. The share buttons at the bottom let you invite friends on X and Facebook to partake in the joke.

21. Zombie Passions

Zombie Passions weird website

Zombie Passions is a dating and social networking site for zombie enthusiasts. While the structure appears relatively normal, it earns its spot on this list of weirdest websites due to its unique niche and target audience.

Check out our list of the best WordPress forum plugins if you’re interested in building a similar platform. We also narrowed down the best forum software to build an online community.

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22. The Long Doge Challenge

The Long Doge Challenge weird website

Here’s another funny website that challenges your scrolling skills. An image of the famous Doge meme greets you when accessing the site. Scroll down to find the rest of the image while collecting the catchy “wow” catchphrase. See if you can beat our Doge’s length.

The creator shares links to their YouTube and Twitch channels for visitors curious about the site’s creation process. The print option is available for those with excess papers, ink cartridges, and sense of humor.

23. Binary Music Player

Binary Music Player weird website

This unique website plays piano notes based on binary numbers. Built using JavaScript, it displays a binary counter with each column representing a musical note.

While many websites play music in the background or embed a media player on their sidebar, Binary Music Player adds a fun twist to the rarely highlighted web element. It earns a spot on our list of weirdest websites in the most wholesome way.

24. Eel Slap!

Eel Slap! weird website

If you ever find yourself wondering about what it’s like to slap someone with an eel, this website is perfect for you. Move your cursor from right to left to “slap” the person at your preferred speed. This visual can be especially satisfying when you’re in a bad mood.

25. Can’t Not Tweet This

Can't Not Tweet This weird website

This is one of the weirdest websites on the list that trolls visitors to drive its social media engagement. 

When accessing the site, your cursor becomes an X post button. Clicking anywhere on the page will redirect you to your X account and a post draft with the site’s URL. This truly makes the website live up to its title.

What Makes a Website Weird

A website is often considered weird because it doesn’t align with conventional design, purpose, or content. Here are key factors that make a website odd:

  • Unique content ‒ usually includes strange animations, unusual topics, or quirky games that don’t follow mainstream trends.
  • Unconventional web design ‒ breaks away from standard layouts and aesthetics, such as eccentric color schemes, odd navigation, or abstract graphics that challenge traditional web design norms.
  • Unusual purpose or function ‒ serves a vague purpose or lacks practical use.
  • Quirky interactive elements ‒ encourage unusual user interactions, such as dragging elements around aimlessly or scrolling through an endless page.
  • Humor ‒ incorporates humorous, ironic, or absurd elements meant to entertain or confuse visitors.
  • Niche appeal ‒ caters to extremely specific interests or hobbies that might seem strange to general internet users.

While weird websites aren’t for everyone, their creativity can inspire you to make a lasting impression through your own website. With so many websites circulating the internet, straying from the norm helps you stand out from the crowd.

For example, NKI Studio applies this principle by creating a unique navigation system. 

When you first enter the site, you’ll encounter a thumbnail grid layout. Clicking on any of the thumbnails enlarges it, but the project details only become visible when you scroll back. To return to the grid layout, continue scrolling back to zoom out.

NKI Studio creative agency website

Showcasing creativity on such a website helps achieve the brand’s goal, which is to promote the agency’s creative services and demonstrate its team’s outside-the-box thinking capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Bruno Simon website defies users’ expectations by turning its portfolio website into a 3D game. 

Visitors can use arrow keys to control the car and navigate through projects, activities, and contact information. All of the text elements are designed as objects, so they move when your car hits them.

Bruno Simon portfolio website

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Hostinger Website Builder editor

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The pre-built one-page template streamlines the web design process, while the ready-to-use elements like contact forms and buttons are easily customizable to your needs and preferences. Feel free to drag and drop elements into the editor and utilize the grid layout for a consistent or randomized look.

Lineth Peralta resume website made with Hostinger Website Builder

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Pochfad portfolio website made with Hostinger Website Builder

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Among the 1.13 billion existing websites, you’re bound to stumble upon strange ones. Such websites differentiate themselves through their unconventional content, web design, and purposes, showcasing web users’ creativity.

You’ve seen our picks for the 25 weirdest websites on the web. Tell us which one you find the weirdest or if we missed your personal favorite in the comments below. We hope this article gives you fresh inspiration to create your unique website in 2024. Good luck!

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