04 Nov • Glossary

What Is Black Friday

Black Friday is a holiday shopping event that takes place the day after Thanksgiving and marks an unofficial start of the holiday Christmas season....

By Maisha Rachmat

09 May • Glossary

What is Website Cache: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever left a website because it took too long to load? This is a huge problem for website owners. But don’t worry, as there are many...

By Anastasia Ratnaningsih

08 May • Glossary

What Is WebP? A Guide for Beginners

Having a fast-loading website is probably every webmaster’s dream. One of the ways to optimize page speed is by using WebP format images. So,...

By Luqmanul M.

07 May • Glossary

What Is a TLD?

If you are a website owner, you surely know how important a domain name is for your overall online brand.  Did you know that a domain name has a...

By Fitrana A.

30 Apr • Glossary

What is PHP? A Guide For Beginners

Looking for a new programming language to learn? Or are you just simply curious and wonder what PHP exactly is? Regardless of the reason, you’ve...

By Bilqis A.

10 Apr • Glossary

What is Angular? – A Beginner’s Guide

If you are into software development, you may have heard about Angular. It is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, that developers use to...

By Aldwin N.

08 Apr • Glossary

What Is CLI?

What is CLI? To put it simply, CLI stands for command line interface. It is a program that allows users to type text commands instructing the computer...

By Suryadi K.

08 Apr • Glossary

What Is React & How Does It Actually Work?

React is the most popular JavaScript library for building user interface (UI). It offers excellent response to user input by utilizing a new method to...

By Arief Fajar Gumilar

04 Apr • Glossary

What is WHM?

WHM (Web Host Manager) is a control dashboard that gives the user the ability to manage multiple cPanel-based sites. In this article, you’re going...

By Irfan F.