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Paulius is a content editor here at Hostinger. He enjoys delivering top-notch content for IT enthusiasts from all around the world and doesn't leave even the smallest of mistakes go unnoticed. Oh, and don't get him started talking about board games.

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23 Sep • Email

How to Migrate an Email Account to Hostinger

If you’re already comfortable with our email hosting services, you might want to consider moving your messages from your old email account to...

By Paulius Zunda

23 Sep • Email

How to Access and Use Hostinger Email

Do you need quick access to your mailbox while on the go? Set up your Hostinger email to stay on top of your activities throughout the day. This can...

By Paulius Zunda

09 Sep • Email

How to Set up Email on Samsung Devices

Samsung devices come with a default app called Samsung Email that makes accessing and managing emails on the go much more convenient. However, you...

By Paulius Zunda

16 Jun • VPS

How to Configure a Minecraft Server With Hostinger

Managing your own Minecraft server is a wonderful experience, whether you want to play with your friends or wish to build your own community of...

By Paulius Zunda

10 Jun • Website

Hostinger vs SiteGround: Comparing the Two Web Hosting Providers

Choosing the best web hosting for your site is a crucial key in your online endeavors. You have to consider the server’s performance and security to...

By Paulius Zunda

22 Fantastic eCommerce Website Examples of Good Design

When making an eCommerce website, one aspect you shouldn’t overlook is the design. If your online store looks appealing and is functional, potential...

By Paulius Zunda

07 May • WordPress

Introducing LiteSpeed – Your Go-To Website Optimization Tool

Speed is undoubtedly one of the major factors when it comes to your WordPress website’s overall performance. First impressions are important if you...

By Paulius Zunda

30 Mar • WordPress

How to Start a Blog: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Millions of people enjoy sharing their thoughts about the experiences and adventures they had. Talking about hobbies, travelling advice, fitness...

By Paulius Zunda

24 Mar • Marketing

8 Best Free Logo Makers for Your Business or Brand

A logo is a crucial element of any brand. It helps businesses to stand out and be more memorable. If you want to successfully brand your business,...

By Paulius Zunda

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