WordPress Cheat Sheet

WordPress Cheat Sheet

Find yourself spending a lot of time doing repetitive tasks over and over on WordPress?

Chances are that you’re not using the CMS to its full potential. Thankfully, we have compiled a WordPress cheat sheet with all the important shortcuts to help you work smarter, not harder.

Download Your WordPress Cheat Sheet

If you are a WordPress developer (or want to become one), there are times when you have to deal with difficult code when creating WordPress websites.

That’s why having good knowledge of WordPress tags and functions can make the life of any WP developer a lot easier. That being said, functions and tags for WordPress can be quite confusing since there are so many of them.

So, to make your job as easy as possible, we’ve combined three WordPress cheat sheets that cover essential WordPress code, namely:

  • WP-CLI Cheat Sheet. The WP-CLI cheat sheet is an incredibly handy resource for those just starting with the command line. Here you will find the most popular WP-CLI commands for easier site management.
  • WordPress Theme Development Cheat Sheet. There’s a lot to remember when working with WordPress themes — from basic template file names and structure to countless functions and the WordPress loop. In other words, it’s almost impossible to remember every single one of them, even if you are experienced in this field. This cheat sheet covers important tags and functions you might need to reference when building a WordPress theme.
  • WordPress Keyboard Cheat Sheet. Anything that can help a WordPress blogger save time is always handy. These keyboard shortcuts will come in handy in doing just that. The bonus sheet contains WordPress keyboard shortcuts, so bloggers don’t have to navigate through multiple steps while using WordPress.

We hope you find the cheat sheets useful! However, if you’re just starting your journey to become a pro and want to start from the basics, feel free to read our WordPress guide for beginners.

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