30 Oct • Website

Difference Between the 3 Types of CSS Styles: Inline, External and Internal

In this tutorial, you will learn the difference between the three types of CSS styles: inline, external, and internal. We’ll also uncover the advant ...

By Tautvydas V.

16 Jul • Website

How to Fix “Parallelize Downloads Across Hostnames”

Most website speed test tools show the “parallelize downloads across hostnames” warning if it finds potential connection issues on your we ...

By Suryadi K.

26 Jun • Website

How to Monitor Your Website Performance for Uptime/Downtime

Imagine you’re shopping at your favorite online store or finalizing a transaction when the website suddenly crashes. It’s frustrating if i ...

By Artūras B.

17 Jun • Website

Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting: Which One Is for You?

So, you’ve decided to start a site, but need to find a hosting provider that can supply you with server space. There are many types of hosting s ...

By Paulius Zunda

26 May • Website


SSL errors are one of the most common problems encountered by internet users. While the error message in a browser might be quite scary for beginners, ...

By Arief Fajar Gumilar

26 May • Website

How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly: The Ultimate Guide

If you don’t have a clue about making a mobile-friendly website, or converting your already-established website into one, you have come to the r ...

By Arief Fajar Gumilar

26 May • Website

How to Fix “Serve Static Content from a Cookieless Domain” Warning

If you suddenly get the “Serve Static Content from a Cookieless Domain” warning while monitoring your website, you are definitely not alone! Many ...

By Arief Fajar Gumilar

20 May • Website

Top 15 Free Ghost Themes for Your Blog

Although Ghost is not as popular as WordPress, it is an alternative many bloggers are eyeing right now. Just like WordPress, Ghost offers plenty of gr ...

By Anastasia Ratnaningsih

19 May • Website

How to Fix “Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding Header” Warning

It’s possible that you will run into “specify a vary: accept-encoding header” warning when checking your website performance. But what exactly d ...

By Irfan F.