Shared Hosting vs VPS – Web Hosting Explained

In this Hostinger Academy video we’ll discuss two types of hosting; shared hosting and VPS (virtual private server). After finishing this video it will be much easier to decide which hosting type is the right fit for you.

Web hosting is allocated space on a web server to store websites files. Every website you have ever visited is hosted on a server. Basically web hosting is a place where you keep all files of your website such as images, code, etc. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

The most popular types of web hosting are shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated. In this video we will cover shared hosting vs VPS (virtual private server). All the information can be found in the video but if you like to read then here’s the summary of both hosting types right here.


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Gvidas M. / @gvidasmaskoliunas

Gvidas is an instructor at Hostinger Academy who helps people to create their websites using WordPress. He has almost 10 years of experience with this content management system and he loves helping others. Oh, and he says that there's nothing better than spending free time in the gym.

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