Basic Docker Cheat Sheet

Historically, web developers have been expected to build web applications as fast as possible without any consideration for the operations aspect which can represent a lot of work.

Web applications artefacts were thrown to the operations folks expecting them to make things work, needless to say that this approach caused a lot of friction delaying the deployment of web applications.

Nowadays, the gap between developers and operations people has been bridged by the DevOps culture which advocates close collaboration and heavy automation.

One of the most powerful tools available today for supercharging the DevOps cycle is the Docker Engine, the Docker engine allows us to build images for lightweight containers holding our applications and their dependencies.

Containers provide a superior level of isolation compared to regular processes, but from a DevOps perspective, Docker allows for a smooth workflow that goes as follows:

Developers package their applications along with their dependencies in container images
Operations people builds the infrastructure to operate the containers

The basic docker cheat sheet by Tech Dominator contains the subcommands that are mostly used in a development environment. It can be very useful for quickly looking up how to create, rename, start and search for container image, for example.

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