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Will Morris is a staff writer at WordCandy. When he's not writing about WordPress, he likes to gig his stand-up comedy routine on the local circuit.

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PrestaShop vs WooCommerce: What’s the Best Platform for eCommerce Beginners?

If you’re new to eCommerce hosting, setting up an online store can seem daunting. However, picking the right platform can alleviate those...

By Will Morris

Magento vs WooCommerce: Choosing the Best eCommerce Platform for Your Store

Running an online shop involves a lot of moving parts. You have to process payments, handle shipments, deal with customer support, and much more....

By Will Morris

15 Sep • Magento

Magento vs Shopify: Which Platform Should You Use for Your Online Store?

When it comes to hosting eCommerce sites, picking the right platform to power your store is essential. If you don’t do your research, you might...

By Will Morris vs What Sets Each Platform Apart?

These days, pretty much everyone knows about WordPress. However, when people talk about the platform, they might be referring to...

By Will Morris

15 Sep • SSL Website

How to Avoid Google Chrome’s Not Secure Warning (In 4 Steps)

If you’re a Google Chrome user, you’ve probably visited at least one website that your browser told you was “Not secure”....

By Will Morris

10 Sep • PHP Website

8 Best PHP Frameworks for Web Developers

Developing an app or a website from scratch involves a lot of work. In many cases, you’ll need to recreate functions that have already been made...

By Will Morris

10 Sep • Website

Weebly vs WordPress: Which Platform Should You Use to Build Your Website?

Building a website has never been easy, but these days the process is more straightforward than it used to be. There are many platforms and tools that...

By Will Morris

03 Sep • Website

Wix vs WordPress: Which Is the Better Platform to Build a Website?

There are a lot of platforms you can use to create a website. However, we can divide most of them into two categories: website builders and Content...

By Will Morris

03 Sep • Website

Blogger vs WordPress: Which One is Better for a Blog?

Most people have thought about how to start a blog at one point or another, and that probably includes you. However, diving into the world of blogging...

By Will Morris