Aldwin N.

Aldwin is a digital content writer at Hostinger. Specializing in web hosting and WordPress for years, he is eager to help people uplevel their business on the internet. Apart from being a tech junkie, Aldwin likes fiction and photography.

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06 Jun • Email

How to Create a Business Email Account in an Instant

Having a business email account is crucial for every company. First of all, it gives a professional impression to customers and business partners....

By Aldwin N.

10 Apr • Glossary

What is Angular? – A Beginner’s Guide

If you are into software development, you may have heard about Angular. It is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, that developers use to...

By Aldwin N.

23 Jan • WordPress

17 Best WordPress Page Builders

With so many page builders for WordPress available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. There are many aspects to consider, such as...

By Aldwin N.

20 Jan • DNS


Sometimes you might find that sites do not want to load even though your internet connection is fine and the URL is written correctly. In Google...

By Aldwin N.

20 Jan • WordPress

15 Best WordPress Membership Plugins to Strengthen Your Online Community

Running a WordPress website can be a great way of generating income. One of the more popular ways to monetize a website is by turning it into a...

By Aldwin N.

18 Jan • Glossary

What is localhost?

A good way to think of localhost, in computer networking, is to look at it as “this computer”. It is the default name used to establish a...

By Aldwin N.

31 Dec • Glossary

What is NGINX? How does it work?

NGINX, pronounced as “engine-ex,” is a famous open source web server software. In its initial release, it functioned for HTTP web serving. Today,...

By Aldwin N.